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TNA Impact Preview (August 26, 2015): When's Bully Ray coming back?

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TNA Impact Returns tonight with another episode.  Let's see what they have planned for us and what we'd like to see.

1)  Will Dixie Carter accept Jeff Jarrett's offer to be full time GM

With Bully Ray injured from a mystery attacker, his return is up in the air.  While there are some theories that he banged his head and sustained a decade of amnesia, I am sure he'll be back in no time.  However, Jeff Jarrett does not.  Because of that, Jeff Jarrett has offered to run the show permanently.  Dixie Carter is intrigued but needed time to consider it.

As much as I feel I shouldn't, I really enjoy this story.  Jeff Jarrett is clearly up to no good and everyone can see through it but Dixie Carter.  I hope for at least another week or so of phony friendly Jarrett before he reveals his master plan.

2)  Bobby Lashley vs. Bobby Roode vs. James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson in a match to become #1 Contender for the King of the Mountain Title

PJ Black is the current KOTM champion, which he one in the KOTM match a couple weeks ago.  Jeff Jarrett plans to allow this title to be defended in any promotion.  (Though for now, it looks like it's just TNA.)  Right now, the title does not have any established rank in any promotion.  It's just there.  It'll need time for them to establish what it really means.  It should not be above the TNA title though.

Who may take this match?  Anderson likely won't win due to unfinished business with Bram (who he defeated twice in a row) and Storm for his issues with past Mahabali Shera (formerly Khoya).  That leaves Lashley and Roode.  Either man could have a really enjoyable match with PJ Black, though I'd prefer to see a Roode/Black match.

3)  Brooke vs. Velvet Sky for the Knockout's Championship

Brooke is moving along from her involvement in the Doll House story to go on to focus on her KOs title.  Her opponent is Velvet Sky, the woman who randomly helped Gail Kim take care of some business with Taryn Terrell backstage.  Prior to this, Velvet has been pretty quiet on the scene since defeating Angelina Love to win her job back.

It's nice to see a fresh women's match up in TNA.  They have only been focusing on a fraction of their Knockouts roster.

As for the involvement of Velvet in Gail Kim's story with Taryn, that's just weird.  What's more upsetting is that they gave a way a major part of the payoff in a backstage segment and ended the segment before even showing the payoff.  That's a poor layout for a story.

4)  The Wolves vs. the Revolution (Abyss and Manik) for the Tag Team Championship

It's to the point where I cringe any time the Revolution is involved with anything.  What a failed stable.

Last week, Manik was very reluctant when they all beat up his friend Mahabali Shera.  Don't be surprised if Abyss and Manik don't get along because of that and the Wolves pick up a pretty easy win.

Any Wolves match is a treat though.

5)  Tigre Uno vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. DJ Z for the X Division Championship

The champion Tigre Uno has his work cut out for him tonight defending against past X Division Champion DJ Z and GFW talent Sonjay Dutt.

The X Division has been the forgotten child of TNA, getting little time and little attention.  Let's hope tonight that they get some time to remind people why we once cared about the X Division

6)  Chris Melendez vs. Eric Young for Sarge's prosthetic leg

And no, the leg is not on a pole

This is my sleeper match of the week.  I've enjoyed what these two have done together, though they have not had the benefit of fluid story telling.  Months ago, in a 5 on 5 match, the crazed Eric Young ripped off Melendez's prosthetic leg and choked him with it.  The military veteran didn't take that laying down and has challenged EY to two matches and unfortunately the wrestling veteran got the best of the Sarge twice now.

Not one to be deterred, Sarge challenged Young for one more match, to which Young initially scoffed.  Until he realized he could humiliate Melendez further by taking his prosthetic leg.  EY agreed to face Melendez one more time if Melendez would put up his leg as a prize if Eric won.  Melendez accepted the terms.


What we'd like to see.

1)  Continue featuring the GFW talent

It's not that I want a promotion vs. promotion battle, but with so many guys leaving TNA recently, the GFW additiong gives Impact a broader roster to work with.  That keeps things fresh.

2)  Ethan Carter III

EC3 is not advertised on the card, but it would be shameful to leave the charismatic TNA champ off the show.  I believe we'll see him in the segment where Dixie Carter likely accepts Jeff Jarrett's offer.  Most likely to protest; however, I'm suspicious that EC3 is actually Jarrett's guy on the inside.

I laid out my theory last week a bit.  But Ethan would make sense as the TNA traitor.  His aunt betrayed him by bringing in Bully Ray (who again I'm hopeful will heal up and be back with TNA for the foreseeable future) instead of letting EC3 have some control.  So why not turn to the man who has as much beef with the company as anyone in Jeff Jarrett?  Carter then takes out Bully who was his antagonist and leaves a vacuum for Jeff to fill.

We'll see.

3)  Drew and Eli

Last week, Drew Galloway defeated Eli Drake in their no DQ rematch.  It was a fun match despite the fact TNA did nothing to build up these guys between matches.

While I do not want to see a rematch now, I don't want these guys to fade into the night.  Eli Drake should get a good feud, perhaps with a face like Robbie.  In fact, yes.  That's what I want.  Robbie vs. Eli Drake.

As for Drew, EC3 needs a challenger for Bound for Glory, which isn't too far away.  I think building up a match between proven but young Drew and Ethan would be the way to go.


That's what's up tonight, everyone.  Who's putting eyes on Impact tonight?  It'll air 9 EST on Destination America.

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