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Josh and Sara Lee win WWE Tough Enough

To no surprise, the winners of the sixth season of WWE Tough Enough were Josh and Sara Lee who comfortably beat Amanda and ZZ in the fan voting earlier tonight.

Hopefully Josh's WWE career will be more successful than Andy Leavine's!
Hopefully Josh's WWE career will be more successful than Andy Leavine's!

After ten long weeks, the final results of WWE Tough Enough are in and the winners have been crowned. There were no swerves tonight as the favourites coming into the final episode won comfortably. Sara Lee won 64% of the vote to Amanda's 36%, whilst in a landslide Josh got 70% to ZZ's 30%.

Before the vote, each contestant had their first live televised matches with the women facing Alicia Fox, whilst the men faced Cesaro. The WWE Superstars carried the rookies to presentable bouts, although all were rough around the edges and had some noticeably botched spots (both Amanda and Sara Lee took Fox's scissors kick finisher badly, whilst ZZ messed up a drop down). On the basis of their performances, Josh was clearly the better of the two men, whilst the gap between the women was much narrower (I personally thought Amanda did the better job, but that isn't a consensus opinion). Both Cesaro and Fox deserve a ton of credit for holding the matches together, as this could have easily been a disaster in lesser hands.

Although Amanda might have deserved to be victorious based on ability, she took the low road by accusing Sara Lee of "sleeping her way to the top", a tactic that was likely to backfire in what was essentially a popularity vote.

The only other note of interest was that Triple H was on hand to award the winners their $250,000 one year WWE contracts. He was likely happy with the result, as at least the company's male favourite won.

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