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Cageside Live! Special edition - Feminism & Pro Wrestling

We didn't know that Bayley & Sasha Banks would steal the show at TakeOver and then the Divas Revolution would blow up on Raw last night when we booked this, promise.

But it sure is timely. And tomorrow's Women's Equality Day here in the States!

Tonight at 8PM Eastern, Geno & I will have a conversation with journalist & wrestling fan Kate Spalla (author of the Flavorwire article How Pro Wrestling Raised a Legion of Nerdy Feminist Fans) and writer & wrestling fan Kara Rota about feminism and gender equity in the world of pro wrestling and its fans.

Honestly, we don't have an agenda or a list of topics for the podcast. We'll be talking gender and bias, their impacts and effects on us as a fans and on the business as a whole - live - for the best pro wrestling community on the internet. Feel free to ask questions, suggest topics or give us your take in the comments.

Please be respectful and mindful of others' when commenting. This is a sensitive topic, and we want to have a discussion - not an argument. If you think your comment might antagonize another Cagesider, take a minute to think it over before clicking "Post". If your comment is designed to antagonize or insult another Cagesider or one of our guests, well, you won't be here for long.

Above is the player for the show, which went live at 8PM Eastern.

If you have any problems with the embedded player, watch us on YouTube here.

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