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Tough Enough 2015 season finale live thread

At some point this season we stopped doing live threads for Tough Enough because, well, the interest just wasn't there. The show has struggled for viewers since its return, but tonight marks the season finale so we're making sure you have a spot to follow along and talk about everything that goes down.

On tonight's episode, the contestants will wrestle matches against current WWE stars Alicia Fox (for the two women, Sara and Amanda) and Cesaro (for the two men, Josh and ZZ).

More in the preview:

With the aid of Tough Enough host Chris Jericho, the final four spent much of the past week fine-tuning the personas they will debut on the season finale. Then comes the moment of truth: stepping in the ring against two of WWE's best. How warmly will The Swiss Superman and Team Bella's "foxiest" Diva treat the hungry, if raw, wrestlers-in-training in their first matches on live television?

There will be one male winner and one female winner and it's all on you, fans. Follow along with everything tonight and hang out here with all your favorite Cagesiders.

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