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Videos of Undertaker collapsing after WWE SummerSlam...should we be worried?

Shortly after SummerSlam went off air, fan shot videos began to appear of Undertaker walking backstage following his controversial victory over Brock Lesnar in the main event. In the videos, the fifty year old future Hall of Famer braces himself against the stage wall before falling down out of frame.

Taker worked much harder in the seventeen minute match than many of us thought possible, and he was breathing heavily after just a few minutes of action. But his age and weariness were also integral to the story they were telling, as The Dead Man even grasped his chest at one point as a way to lure Lesnar in for a submission attempt.

Was he selling when exiting the Barclays Center floor? We'll likely never know, but a veteran like Undertaker would know that he was still in fan view when he went down, so I'm thinking work. Reports from later in the night have him walking into his hotel with wife Michelle McCool. Compare those to post-WrestleMania 30 , when he left the Superdome in an ambulance, and we're probably okay.

The Beast Incarnate's advocate is crowing about the reports that his client took Taker to the limit again, but Paul Heyman did that when Brock really did send The Phenom to the hospital in 2014. It's hard to play "work or shoot" with a master like Heyman.

No matter what, hopefully Undertaker is resting up after a grueling bout - especially considering that there look to more matches in this program before he can go gently into that good night.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Should we be worried?

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