Possible reasons Jon Stewart chair shotted John Cena

On Cageside Live, the cSs staff was struggling to come up with reasons for the latest chapter in the WCW vs. WWE wars.. Oh, sorry, WWE vs NXT wars. Anyway, WCW's, damn, I mean WWE's latest decision, to have Jon Stewart chair shot John Cena to help Seth Rollins retain the WWE world heavyweight championship and win the US title, could have come about for a number of reasons. I came up with the first 10, and then the Daily thread members came up with some more.

Here they are -

1. He couldn't see John, he just came out waving a chair signaling to the audience that he was gonna sit and watch, hit an invisible object, panicked, dropped the chair and ran.
2. He wants to be the better Jon and is jealous of the extra ‘h' in the other Jon.
3. He wanted to attack Hulk Hogan for his racism, attacked his good guy 2015 duplicate instead.
4. He was actually supposed to interfere in Brock vs Taker since thats what they were building to, came out early and didn't know what to do, so hit John Cena to become popular on the internet.
5. He saw leaked photos of Seth Rollins naked and felt bad about the low blow he dealt out when he saw the actual target...
6. He's a big Ric Flair fan.
7. He's a big power rangers fan.
8. He met Big Show back stage.
9. He is secretly training and wants to beat Rollins for two titles instead of one, and of course, he thinks its realistic that he can beat Rollins (who doesn't?).
10. He wants the statue built up just so he can kick that in the balls too, repeatedly, whenever he wants.
11. He's from New York, so he couldn't abide that damn Masshole winning. - Arai
12. Cena voted Republican. - Storage Man
13. Cena voted. - Arai
14. Cena claims he looks like 'Marky Mark Wahlberg ATE Marky Mark Wahlberg'. - JBL's Hat
15. Guaranteed paycheck for the next six months. He needs work, you know, and the bills aren't gonna pay themselves. - The Notorious Eddie Mac
16. He's a grown-ass man who is an avowed wrestling fan, was he really NOT gonna attack John Cena if given a fair chance to do so? - ReverendKain
17. Cena's Team Captain America, and Stewart's Team Iron-Man. - The Notorious Eddie Mac
18. He's from New Jersey and New Jersey is the worst. - Captain Charisma
18a. Fuck Captain Charisma - Reverend Kain
19. Jon Stewart is just a logical thinking man. In the WWE Universe John Cena´s chances to win a match are always better when he is fighting against the odds. the odds of the fight were pretty even so his action against John should have actually helped John to win the match. The only thing that Stewart didnt think of is that only at Summerslam the usual John Cena odds/win ratio doesnt apply. I´m expecting a deeply sorry Jon Stewart tonight. - Hilti and Flex

Feel free to add suggestions of your own in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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