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The REC Awards: August 16 - 22, 2015

Poison more words needed.
Poison more words needed.

Well, hasn't this been a fun weekend already? After the absolutely amazing show that was NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, we get to enjoy some more wrestling with a monster edition of SummerSlam...yay.

So before that unfolds, let's enjoy some RECs



A Parody in Song Form, 'Wake Me Up When the Promo Ends' - A Song parody of WWE Authority Promos, and In Honor of SummerSlam - A Tribute to Kevin Dunn - Hasukawa

Nikki Bella and Sasha Banks were set up to fail on Raw last night - Vidence

Tough Talk Recap: Come To Jesus, ZZ & Updates On The Eliminated - HubcapDave

A Swerve I'd Love to See (That You'd Never See Coming) - ctre6

The Success of Clap Therapy - Midnight Deeds

The Truth About the Diva Revolution - Barry Hess

My WWE Day at Comic Con - ThingsandStuff


Comments (link to album)

First, Vidence, Geno Mrosko, and others discuss the issues with Nikki Bella vs Sasha Banks from Raw

Dr Evil's Anonymous Henchman, Tyler Kayata, and others go fishing


A bringer of bad news talks about Big Show's TV role being too overbearing:

TMadeBurner and ThingsandStuff discuss Big Show and his dedication:

Kevin Kostka remarks about Show's remarks:

Duany's Duany, a contributor for GQ, shares his excitement toward getting his article front-paged. Geno Mrosko responds:

SomePunkKidd posts some truth:

The Man Whom Gravity Forgot comments on last night's curtain call:

BlueBlob4life, George_Scott, and tkatt00 comment on last night's women's match:

Vidence drops some brutal truth:

Jomosensual comments on Kevin Dunn's latest antics:

So does Zentrification:

Yourroleandyou channels Johnathan Coachman:

Kevin Sellathamby asks an interesting question. Vince Russo's Antithesis and The Notorious Eddie Mac respond:

HubcapDave tells us about Lana's intentions when she fired back at a social media comment:

ThingsandStuff comments on Brock Lesnar:

ChrisVannini tries to figure out Brock Lesnar's comment regarding Ronda Rousey:

Jenzel Washington sums up the whole Lesnar/Rousey thing:

Kitty-Cat and The_Change discuss Brock Lesnar's comments toward Dana White:

TD70 comments on Jushin "Thunder" Liger's shirt:

Jon Benne posts a relevant meme. MCAngulo responds appropriately:

The Notorious Eddie Mac posts a prophetic comment:

Brigade17 comments on the Takeover: Brooklyn go-home show:

Midnight Deeds hypes Bayley vs Sasha Banks. AntonSirius responds:

The so-called Beautiful posts a headline. The suspect responds:

lepsaxon shares a dream:

ZeroIndulgence posts a warning about Kevin Owens' daughter. The Amazing A-hole responds:

Hollywood Rock shares their Raw viewing atmosphere:

Blinkocracy posts an excellent meme:

suiko shoots:

South of Heaven comments on Seth Rollins' comments:

Tonya Rodgers comments in a different manner:

Boxingnut4324, Zentrification, and VertEgo freak out about ESPN covering SummerSlam:

SethRollinsChairShot has a problem with a Rumor Roundup. Brigade17 responds:

suiko reacts to a rumor:

Larrymentalboy and (Florida) Danny  Tuccitto do some Steiner Math with memes:

GrecoRomanGuy questions a rumor. Flashking responds:

TD70 and JimmyV723 meme it up relevantly:

ThePollux8 reacts to a Roman Reigns push:

JMUK22 has hopes about the WWE and ESPN partnership. Some fun responses follow:

Zentrification and RoosterCogburn1717 have some ideas for WWESPN:

Zentrification has a confession:

Rivan King, Zentrification, and more ponder on the so-called "huge angle" for Raw:

420_Glaze_It, Zentrification, and ThePollux8 talk football. Midnight Deeds responds to ThePollux8's QB claim:

nymgb44 has some ideas:

Otis C. and LadyBlack have some ideas for Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Brock Lesnar:

kayfabe queen reacts to a SmackDown spoiler:

TD70 has a thought about SummerSlam:

And finally, MikeThePatsFan confirms a run-in:


And that's it for this week's REC Awards. Enjoy SummerSlam, and see you all back next Sunday for more awards and stuff.

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