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WWE SummerSlam 2015 match card preview: PCB vs. Team Bella vs. Team B.A.D.


Team B.A.D. vs. Team Bella vs. PCB

A somewhat directionless movement needs to step up its game to keep pace with a Women's match from last night's NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn show that has the wrestling world buzzing.

The Road to SummerSlam

REVOLUTION blah blah blah Thanks Stephanie McMahon yadda yadda it's a revolution we're taking over blah blah is that Ronda Rousey over there yadda REVOLUTION pinkie swear it's a revolution blahbiddy blah Look kids...Steph, Ronda REVOLUTION etc etc.

Tempted to continue in that vein for another 200-300 words, because that's what the build to this match has felt like.  My next idea was to create a chart of who's beaten who since these teams were formed willy nilly on the July 13 Raw, but with so many of them being tag team matches and triple threats, that would require a lot more digging through show reports than is necessary to illustrate what even-steven booking looks like.

Putting feels and looks aside, let's instead dig into each team and figure out what makes them tick...

Team Bella: Well, Nikki and Brie are actually sisters, so there's no way to make fun of that...unless we want to talk about their unresolved feud from last Summer where Nik screamed that she wished Brie had died in the womb and then made her her slave for a while. WWE clearly doesn't want us to do that except when they're plugging Jerry Springer shows for the Network.

Alicia Fox is on Total Divas with them, where she's friends with Paige, but that's not kayfabe, except when it is. They have all been on the main roster for a while, and have all been Divas champ. Sounds good to me. Moving on...

Submission Sorority PCB: Three NXT alums, but from different eras. Paige used to be the Anti-Diva before she won the Divas championship, joined the cast of Total Divas and became The Diva of Tomorrow, so apparently she's okay with the term now. Whatever we call her, the Brit was the impetus behind the call up of her teammates Charlotte & Becky Lynch, plus Sasha Banks...until Stephanie McMahon decided she liked the idea (and the spotlight) and christened the Revolution as another McMahon-authorized invasion of their own product like WCW/ECW and the nWo before it.

BEX and Paige share an unAmerican-ness, and have since working the international and independent circuits in the Aughts. Lynch and Ric Flair's daughter (did you know she was Naitch's daughter? WOOOO) are half of NXT's Four Horsewomen, and Charlotte and Paige are totally cool.

Team B.A.D.: Sasha Banks, Naomi & Tamina were obviously placed together for their shared love of light-up shoes and other mutual interests. What other reason could Creative possibly have had for putting these three together?

What's at Stake?

That's an excellent question, standard Previews format sub-header. Glad you asked.

As it's been explained to us...REVOLUTION yadda yadda pinkie swear WOOO blah blah blah they're taking over REVOLUTION etc etc.

Nikki's approach of the record for longest Divas title reign has been mentioned with increased frequency on the broadcasts of late, and probably not just to get digs in at the star of EA Sports commercials. Winning here should be used as an in-story build to the champ's next title defense - her first televised championship match since Beast in the East on July 4.

Several ways that a performer could earn some bragging rights in a nine woman, three team elimination match, too. Taking or administering a pinfall or submission could lead to bragging rights for individuals within the factions, setting up as many intra-squad rivalries as inter-squad ones.

Unfortunately, WWE has announced that this is not Survivor Series-style where individuals can be pinned or submitted, leaving a team short-handed, but instead a stipulation where, for example, Paige tapping to a Bank Statement means all of PCB has to head to the back. That probably doesn't bode well for the women getting a whole lot of time, even on a four hour show.

But at the very least, this should either get the champ back some luster that she's lost by tapping out to Charlotte and The Boss on the last two episodes of Raw, or clearly set-up the woman who will attempt to stop Nikki from breaking AJ Lee's record somewhere between tomorrow night and September 15's  SmackDown tap in Little Rock, Arkansas, when Bella would hit the 296 day mark on a reign that started at last year's Survivor Series.

Tune in to see what WWE lets the ladies do, and how they respond, OR just to thank Stephanie for the swell revolution.

And either way, do it with the best darn pro wrestling community in cyberspace...Cageside Seats!

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