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WWE NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn results, live streaming match coverage tonight (August 22, 2015)

WWE NXT on Twitter

WWE NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn is all set to pop off tonight (Sat., August 22, 2015) from Barclays Center, at 9 p.m. ET, live on WWE Network! will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show is the biggest event in NXT history, and will feature six matches scheduled to be televised after a handful of others are taped for a special edition of the regular Wednesday night edition of the show.

In what WWE is promoting as a "double main event", Finn Bálor defends his NXT championship against former champion Kevin Owens, while Sasha Banks tries to remain women's champion when she faces Bayley.

There's plenty of action outside of those matches, as well, including another title fight where Blake & Murphy, along with Alexa Bliss, look to keep their tag straps away from The Vaudevillians (and a special guest). Speaking of special guests, Japanese cruiserweight legend Jushin "Thunder" Liger makes his WWE debut at 50 years of age when he fights Tyler Breeze in New York tonight.

Plus, Samoa Joe looks to get back in a championship groove when he faces Baron Corbin. And we'll be treated to the highly anticipated debut of Apollo Crews. There's always the possibility that Triple H will want to pull out more surprises in front of a sold out crowd of 13,000 plus, too!

Check out our Preview of the undercard and both the men's and women's title matches, plus Predictions for every match, while you're waiting for the show to start!

And kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with the best damn pro wrestling community on the interwebs. And remember to keep refreshing!





  • Apollo Crews def. Tye Dillinger
  • Jushin "Thunder" Liger def Tyler Breeze
  • Samoa Joe def Baron Corbin
  • The Vaudevillains def Blake & Murphy for the NXT Tag Team Championship
  • Bayley def Sasha Banks for the NXT Women's Championship
  • Finn Bálor (c) vs. Kevin Owens in a ladder match for the NXT championship



Hey now, it's Sean. Unless Geno suckered convinced Bacon into doing this.

This is BaconStrips. Let's escape from Full Sail...


Preshow Highlights

  • Our preshow panel consists of Renee Young, Corey Graves, Lita, and Bryon Saxton and his malarkey.
  • Rich Brennan interviews Samoa Joe about his match against Baron Corbin. Joe says that he's more concerned for Corbin, and that he will have no chance tonight.
  • The buildup video for Bayley vs Sasha Banks....just epic.
  • Lita is threatening to take care of Alexa Bliss should she get involved....hmmm.
  • A Cadillac arrives with Neville and Finn Balor. Cesaro also says hey.
  • Tyler Breeze is in the middle of a photoshoot when Rich Brennan interrupts him with some malarkey. Breeze puts a Liger mask on his uggo face.
  • The Demon is coming out tonight, and he has a date with a ladder.


WWE Signature and we go straight to the Barclays Center, where Triple H is standing alone in the ring.

He briefly talks about how NXT has grown, and that we said that the future is now. He raises his arms, and the lights are raised to reveal a completely full Barclays Center with a hype crowd.



Tyler Breeze vs Jushin "Thunder" Liger

  • Tyler Breeze's entrance is a bigger spectacle than it was at Unstoppable, with multiple models clad in outfits showing various New York City icons (Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and a taxi, among others). Breeze comes out with a fur coat like a boss.
  • Jushin "Thunder" Liger is on my WWE screen. Did we ever expect this?
  • The bell rings, and the two men soak in the crowd before tying up. Breeze is whipped to the ropes and responds with a shoulder block. Breeze then poses on the ropes.
  • Another tie up, and Breeze eats a shoulder block. Liger then poses on the ropes to mock Breeze.
  • Shortly after, Liger uses a drop toe hold, then locks in a modified surfboard. Breeze breaks it, but soon finds himself in the Romero Special. Breeze escapes to a corner where he is money flipped to Manhattan. Liger then takes a selfie with Breeze's phones.
  • Liger goes for some chops and attempts the Liger Bomb, but Breeze reverses and goes for the mask. He then delivers a Supermodel Kick for two.
  • Breeze is definitely in control now as he works over Liger with some corner stomps and a leg drop that nets him a one count. A front facelock is then locked onto Liger.
  • Liger escapes from the facelock, but eats a sort-of rolling backbreaker for two. Another front facelock is applied as the crowd chants something that I cannot make out. A "Full Sail sucks" chants starts.
  • Liger throws Breeze away as he catches his breath. Breeze runs to the corner, and Liger throws him over the ropes. Breeze pounces back in to eat a rolling kick. Moments later, Breeze is hit with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.
  • Liger goes for a flying splash, but Breeze gets his knees up. Breeze follows with a modified crucifix pin for two. Breeze gets Liger in the corner and starts working him over again. As the ref separates him, Breeze screams and eats a palm strike to shut him up.
  • Breeze heads outside as Liger goes for a turnbuckle move. Liger is quick to follow with his signature cannonball to the outside (keep in mind that this is a fifty year old man).
  • Liger gets Breeze back in the ring and, after some strikes, delivers a running Liger Bomb for the win.

Jushin "Thunder" Liger def Tyler Breeze

Liger gets the ring to himself and bows to the crowd, who gives him a standing ovation for an awesome match.


The Kliq is in the house as we cut to Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and X-Pac. We then go backstage to Bayley, who is preparing for her match. Charlotte and Becky Lynch wish her luck. I should mention that Bayley has Dusty Rhodes' signature polka-dots on her headband.

A Nia Jax hype video airs.


The Vaudevillains vs Blake & Murphy (with Alexa Bliss) (NXT Tag Team Championship)

  • The Vaudevillains outdo themselves with a old-style get-up complete with top-hats. I should note that both are wearing blue pants
  • Alexa takes the mic and mocks The Vaudevillains, calling them pathetic. A "we want Blue Pants" chant starts, and the woman herself comes out to a MASSIVE pop. Alexa is not impressed.
  • The bell rings, and Simon Gotch and Blake lock up as a "Blue Pants City" chant starts. Gotch is forced into the corner, and Blake tries to follow by pulling him out leg-first. However, Gotch's ludicrous leg strength help him as he kicks with the other leg. He goes for an ARMBAR, but Black counters to a roll-up.
  • Blake is taken down as Aiden English is tagged in and delivers a huge kick to Blake. After working Blake's arm a bit, Murphy is tagged in, but English deftly hiptosses both of them before working Murphy's arm over as he poses to a pop.
  • Murphy eventually ends up in a corner, and English is put onto the apron. As English tries to leap back inside, Blake takes English's leg out from under him, causing a crash landing.
  • Blake has a chinlock in as the crowd starts to clap. Murphy is tagged in again and works English some more. During a front facelock, English tries to work himself to Gotch, but Murphy shoves him to the BAMFs' corner and tags Blake back in. A chinlock is applied as Gotch screams for English. English escapes and almost tags Gotch in, but Blake escapes the ring and takes Gotch down.
  • Back inside, English eats a double backbreaker for a close two count. Blake and Murphy try to work over English, but they run into each other. Gotch eventually gets the hot tag and goes to work on the BAMFs. English is tagged to attempt a finish, but Murphy crotches English. Blake hops up with Murphy for a double superplex. Gotch runs over and delivers a double powerbomb. English goes for his Swanton, but it only gets two.
  • English goes to tag Gotch, but Alexa gets involved. Blue Pants runs to Alexa and an altercation ensues. During the brawl, Blake tries to get a dirty roll-up, but Gotch kicks out. The Whirling Dervish is hit on Murphy for the win to a massive pop.

The Vaudevillains def Blake & Murphy; gain the NXT Tag Team Championship


Tye Dillinger vs Apollo Crews

  • Dillinger and Crews tie up and then break. Dillinger is pushed into the corner and does a cartwheel out of the corner and does his 10 pose. Crews is whipped to the corner and does an even more impressive flip out as he imitates Dillinger's 10 pose to a huge reaction.
  • Dillinger takes control once he dropkicks Crews, who tried to jump in from the apron. After some corner stomps, Dillinger locks in a cobra clutch. Crews eventually breaks the clutch and reverses a powerbomb reversal into a pin. Crews blocks a kick from Dillinger, but does not block its follow. Dillinger gets a two count and starts getting frustrated.
  • Dillinger tries to whip Crews, but Crews hangs on. Dillinger tries another kick, but Crews hits a Ghetto Blaster followed by a flying clothesline. After a gorilla press, Crews hits a huge standing moonsault for the win.

Apollo Crews def Tye Dillinger


William Regal appears on the Titantron and thanks us for tuning in before announcing the Dusty Rhodes Memorial Tag Team Classic, which will culminate at the next Takeover (October 7th)


Baron Corbin vs Samoa Joe

  • Corbin gets a loud boo chorus as Joe gets a chorus of "Joe is gonna kill you"...this will be fun.
  • The two men tie up until Corbin shoves Joe away. Joe goes for an armbar before locking a front facelock. Corbin shoves Joe in the corner, but Joe goes for an early Coquina Clutch. Corbin high-tails it out of the ring.
  • Back inside, Joe maintains control as he throws Corbin in the corner and delivers his avalanche/enziguiri combo. Corbin is dropkicked outside of the ring. Joe goes for a suicide dive, but Corbin blocks with a right hand.
  • Back inside, Corbin works Joe over in the corner before going for a pin. After a few strikes from Corbin, Joe hits some strikes and a sunset flip for two. Joe immediately locks in a half crab followed by a crossface. As Corbin nears the ropes, Joe transitions into a Fujiarwa armbar until Corbin hits the ropes with his leg.
  • Joe is dumped out of the ring. Corbin tries to follow, but Joe makes him faceplant onto the apron. Corbin is then thrown into the barricade before going back in the ring.
  • Inside, Corbin locks in a heel hook, but Joe reaches the ropes after a little while. Joe delivers a chop and runs at Corbin, but Corbin delivers a side slam for two. After the two get to their feet, they exchange kicks, and both men are down.
  • Both men get back up and exchange strikes for a little while. Joe eventually sets Corbin up for a muscle buster, but Corbin reverses and delivers a big boot followed by a suplex for two. Corbin gets Joe down in the corner and starts throwing stomps and punches to the chagrin of the crowd.
  • Corbin goes for End of Days, and Joe reverses with the Coquina Clutch. Corbin escapes and hits a sleeper powerbomb, but Joe really locks in the Coquina Clutch.  Corbin passes out, giving Joe the win.

Samoa Joe def Baron Corbin


Stephanie McMahon comes out and hypes Takeover some more before hyping the Divas Revolution starting in NXT. Therefore, you can guess the next match...


Bayley vs Sasha Banks (NXT Women's Championship)

  • Bayley comes out in the colors of Dusty Rhodes (complete with polka-dot headband) while Sasha comes inside a Cadillac Escalade complete with bodyguards.
  • The bell rings, and the two exchange words before a brawl starts with Bayley getting the upper hand, She delivers a running elbow followed by a running clothesline for two as a very loud dueling chant starts.
  • Sasha starts running Bayley's head into the turnbuckle, but Bayley screams "NO!!!" after each one. She then slams Sasha's head into the buckle before hanging her in a tree of woe. Bayley followed with an elbow for two.
  • After getting hit with a flying arm drag, Sasha heads outside, and her and Bayley exchange words. As Sasha plays outside, Bayley comes outside and does a slide-through dropkick to Sasha.
  • Sasha eventually sets Bayley up for her corner falling knees, but Bayley escapes this and strikes Sasha. Bayley climbs the turnbuckle, but Sasha goes right for Bayley's bad knee, sending Bayley to the outside.
  • Bayley eventually gets back inside, and Sasha starts working her over, including a running elbow of her own before slapping the taste from Bayley's mouth for a two count.
  • Sasha tries to crink Bayley's neck before going for the hair, causing a break. Sasha transitions into her straitjacket chinlock for a few moments until Bayley gets up. Bayley tries to force Sasha into the corner, but Sasha breaks the hold and throws Baylet there.
  • The two women exchange strikes in the corner. Sasha goes for her falling knees again, but Bayley catches her. Sasha is able to force Bayley's head into the buckle. And then to put the cherry on top, Sasha hits her knees on Bayley ON THE TOP ROPES. This nets her a close two count.
  • Bayley drags herself to the corner as Sasha starts to badmouth Bayley. Bayley respond with a few kicks until Bayley drops Sasha and delivers some punches to the head.
  • Bayley whips Sasha to the ropes and goes for a chop, but Sasha stops herself and forces Bayley to the apron. Bayley's arm is then wrung on the rope, sending her outside. Sasha then takes Bayley's cast off and starts working the bad hand over, first on the ring steps, and then by stomping it.
  • To put the cherry on top, Sasha wedges Bayley's hand between the ring steps and the apron, and then kicks the steps.
  • As Bayley tries to get back inside, Sasha comes running and delivers a somersault plancha OVER THE REFEREE onto Bayley. Sasha gets Bayley back inside and gets a two count as a loud "this is awesome" chant starts.
  • The working of the hand continues as Sasha grabs Bayley's hand, pounces on the top rope, and jumps to the outside to further harm Bayley's hand. Sasha is stunned on the outside.
  • Bayley starts to fight back with her left hand as she makes a comeback. After some shouder thrusts in the corner, Bayley suplexes Sasha into the corner.
  • Bayley goes for the Belly to Bayley, but Sasha drops to her knees. After being whipped, Sasha goes for a rollup, but Bayley rolls through and goes for a German. Sasha counters into the Bank Statement for a LONG time. As Bayley gets to the ropes, Sasha starts stomping Bayley's bad hand. Bayley reaches the ropes, but Sasha pushes them away. Bayley improves and reverses into a Bank Statement of her own. Sasha gets her foot on the ropes to break it.
  • Bayley makes it to her feet and forces Sasha to hers. Bayley then lands a Belly to Bayley FOR ONLY TWO!!!
  • Bayley drags Sasha to a turnbuckle for perhaps another Belly to Bayley. The two women fight and Sasha knocks Bayley off. Bayley charges with a forearm and goes for a FrankenBayley. Sasha shoves Bayley off and eventually lands the double knees from the top for a two count. This is an amazing match.
  • The crowd starts another dueling chant as Sasha places Bayley on another turnbuckle. The two fight some more until BAYLEY DELIVERS A POISONED FRANKENBAYLEY!!! A BELLY TO BAYLEY FOLLOWS FOR THE WIN!!!!!!

Bayley def Sasha Banks; gains the NXT Women's Championship

As Bayley emotionally celebrates, Charlotte and Becky Lynch come in to congratulate her. Sasha enters and hugs Bayley, and the Four Hoursewomen hug and raise each others' arms as a huge NXT chant rings.


Kevin Owens vs Finn Balor (NXT Chamionship Ladder Match)

  • Finn Balor's entrance with the multiple demons.....mind-blowing.
  • The bell rings, and Owens has some words for Balor until he shoves him away and goes for the ladder. The two start to brawl until Owens runs into a dropkick. Balor then goes corner-to-corner with some chops. Owens stops this rally with a shoulder block followed by a senton.
  • Owens tries to go for the ladder, but Balor stops him again as the crowd gets distracted by something. As this goes on, Owens goes for a powerbomb, but Balor counters with a double stomp. Owens rolls outside. Balor tries to follow, but Owens stops him and delivers a cannonball once Balor is in a corner.
  • As Owens works over Balor, an "Ole" chant starts, and Owens mocks it until he eats a Sling Blade from Balor.
  • As Balor goes for a running splash, Owens leaves the ring and goes for the ladder. Balor catches up and stops him. Balor drags the ladder until Owens catches up and shoves Balor and the ladder into the apron after a tug-of-war. After a few more hits, Owens teases something huge until stopping to smack Balor in the face.
  • The match continues as the two men battle into the audience. Balor is whipped into the apron, and Owens goes for a powerbomb into the barricade, but Balor reverses and throws him back into the ringside area. As Balor goes for a flying elbow, Owens catches him and drives him into the barricade.
  • Balor is then thrown over the announce table, and Owens starts to disassemble the table. After getting some reactions, Owens gets another ladder just for Balor to dropkick it into Owens' face.
  • Balor gets the ladder back into the ring as the crowd chants for tables. Owens drags the ladder back outside, and an unimpressed Balor flips over the top rope onto Owens.
  • Back inside, Balor sets up the ladder and climbs until Owens stops him by running him into the ladder. Balor is then dumped outside as Owens resets the ladder. Balor gets his own ladder and gets back inside, but Owens stops him with some stomps.
  • Owens tries to throw the ladder into Balor, but Balor moves and hits a Pele Kick, sending Owens into the ladder. Balor runs toward Owens, but is stopped by a clothesline.
  • A dueling chant starts as Owens works over Balor with the ladder, eventually slamming him on the ladder and delivering another senton.
  • Owens gets Balor up and teases a powerbomb onto the side of the ladder, but Balor stops this and back drops Owens into that very ladder...that looked quite painful.
  • Balor starts to climb again, and again Owens stops Balor by throwing him into a ladder. Owens goes for a cannonball into the ladder, but Balor moves and cannonballs himself. After a dropkick into the corner, Balor lands a Coup de Grace on Owens and starts climbing.
  • Owens is not dead as he catches Balor and pulls him into a powerbomb. After a little bit, Owens climbs the ladder until Balor stirs and topples the ladder, sending Owens into the corner and to the outside.
  • As Balor sets up the ladder, Owens drags him outside and sets up for an Apron Bomb, but Balor escapes onto the apron and punts Owens. Balor goes for another stomp, but Owens dodges and eventually Apron Bombs Balor. Both men are down.
  • After a little bit, Owens staggers into the ring and starts climbing the ladder. But wait, Balor isn't dead. He topples the ladder, but Owens is ready and hits a superkick, sending Balor down. Owens gets frustrated as he sets up a ladder and tells Balor to stay down, and does so with another kick.
  • Owens arranges the ladders so that one is set up, and one is bridged. Owens climbs the ladder and drags Balor with him while saying that "you did this". Owens goes for a fisherman's suplex, but Balor keeps fighting and punches Owens and knocks him off the ladder after a headbutt. Owens lands back-first on the ladder as Balor goes for the title.
  • Balor goes for the title, but Owens stirs. Balor kicks him and LANDS A COUP DE GRACE FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER!!!
  • Balor is able to climb up and grab the title for the win.

Finn Balor def Kevin Owens; retains NXT Championship

Balor celebrates on the ladder to end the show.

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