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Cesaro, Alicia Fox to face Tough Enough finalists next Tuesday

Josh, ZZ, Amanda & Sara got some exciting, and potentially terrifying, new about their last episode of Tough Enough, this upcoming Tuesday on USA Network.

As part of the last live show en route to one man and one woman earning a WWE contract worth a quarter of a million dollars, the remaining contestants will have to face a WWE Superstar in a match at the Orlando, Florida Performance Center that hosts the show.

Male finalists Josh and ZZ have the unenviable task of climbing in the ring with former United States and tag team champion Cesaro. Amanda and Sara have a date in the squared circle with former Divas champ Alicia Fox.

The Swiss Superman will be adding to his reputation as a performer who can wrestle as often and against whatever variety of opponents WWE needs him to. Working with the TE finalists will go on the list with a few epic stints on NXT in addition to Cesaro's main roster work.

Foxy already has a piece of Tough history to her name, as part of an answer that season five contestant Cameron's gave to Stone Cold Steve Austin that left him speechless. The Team Bella member benefited greatly from a tour of NXT more than a year ago, and should be both a good guide and a difficult challenge for Amanda and Sara as they try to win it all.

Neither Cesaro or Alicia is probably much of a draw for a show that again dipped below one million viewers in the ratings this week, but maybe actual wrestling will do what no one short of John Cena has been able to...get people to stay tuned in to Tough Enough.

Will this get you to watch, Cagesiders?

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