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The REC Awards: July 26 - August 1, 2015

Welcome to another edition of the REC Awards to end one hell of a roller-coaster week.

RIP Roddy Piper, you crazy bastard. You better be feuding with Dusty Rhodes already.



Dear, Cagesiders, Thank You. - salvatore.cusmano

The Weekly Slam: The WWE lies to its audience - Hollywood Chris Hall

Rediscovering My Enjoyment - Ambrose Alley

WWE Selling Pops, Not Stories - Barry Hess

'The Inconvenient Truth' Chapter 2: Time for a Change - Hollywood J Blaq

In Defense of Eva Marie... It's On WWE - LadyBlack


Comments (link to album)

First, LOLTNA runs wild

Excitement abound in regards to a hopeful Cesaro push

suiko and others react to Bray Wyatt's sister getting a WWE tryout

TotalScrub reacts to Enzo Amore, Colin Cassidy, and Carmella working a house show. Craziness follows

ThePollux8 imagines the promo wars between The Realest Guys and The New Day. Fun follows

Statboymonte salutes Roddy Piper

Bork Lazer and others react to WWE logic in regards to Roman Reigns


LadyBlack and The Amazing A-Hole react to the trailer for 12 Rounds 3:

the_hbomb and Leia Blaze discuss Fred Durst. Midnight Deeds responds:

BrianMyers gives a Bikertaker memory. tkatt00 illustrates, and Sean Rueter responds:

nsuviolin presents a burn:

Midnight Deeds captions:

LadyBlack presents irony:

urghert and WVPiratesfan admire Cesaro:

oscar_em reacts to Dana White's comments on wrestling:

So do LadyBlack, J. Elam_RSF, and AmFuckingDeanbrose:

Rivan King, Millingtonnn, and Sudden ChairShot discuss the beautiful relationship between Kevin Owens and Michael Cole:

rscott94 imagines Brock Lesnar as he was originally supposed to debut:

Leia Blaze channels Enzo Amore:

Next are some reactions to Roddy Piper's sudden passing:

jeffgm puns:

So does WhatsAMataHari:

Brigade17 goes fishing. Sandow's Superior, 420_Glaze_It, Raging Jericholic, and ominousclaves respond:

insertnamehere31 presents the aftermath of Summer Rae vs Lana:

Trout Jefferson makes a new GIF:

Jenzel welcomes an old friend:

Christopher Novak reacts to a TNA rumor:

suiko, Zentrification, and SandbagsNikki imagine how the extra hour of SummerSlam will be spent:

nsuviolin and Brigade17 show us how TNA is going out:

suiko wishes Rey Mysterio well. Brigade17 and TheGoose01 respond:

Jomosensual reacts to a rumor omission. Sandow's Superior does his thing:

The Five Count reacts to good news. Vidence responds:

SethRollinsChairShot expects a return:

nsuviolin has someone to thank. Lordban, Larrymentalboy, and SethRollinsChairShot respond:

Sandow's Superior has a problem with supposed $4.99 PPVs:

suiko has a problem with Arrow and Sting teaming up:

So does TD70:

Rivan King has hopes for Cesaro. TD70 responds:

D3ath_Knell and PodKATT swing:

ThePollux8 hopes:

Rivan King ain't mad:

King Henry the 2nd dances:

Flashking and others react to WWE needing a new female lead:

Selectively Social has an idea:

Raging Jericholic bids Lana's push off. TheGoose01 responds:

iamnotacola, TD70, and SethRollinsChairShot look at some classic feuds:

Raging Jericholic has a request. Larrymentalboy fulfills it:

Midnight Deeds previews SummerSlam. shaqustewart93 and cityboy1989 respond:

The 984 has a simple idea for a female lead. shaqustewart93 responds:

SethRollinsChairShot reacts to the rumors. Jomosensual and Primus Flavius respond:

Tonya Rodgers tells us why she visited the Rumor Roundup. Midnight Deeds and JimmyV723 oblige:

Kagami makes a comparison. TD70 and shaqustewart93 respond:

Kagami sums it up. Null al-Ghul, lovinit056, and Sandow's Superior respond:

RoddyB reacts to the WWE 2K16 commercial:

suiko reacts to said commercial. rosetoworld responds:

mrsocko uses logic:

jifyi tells us about a purchase. KJ Gould corrects:

And finally, The Amazing A-hole and DallasDriller react to a Bray Wyatt parody:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Tune in for next week's insanity!

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