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AAA Triplemanía XXIII match card, rumors

We're only a week away from one of the world's largest promotions, Mexico's AAA, returning to pay-per-view (PPV) in the United States and Canada with an English-language version of their biggest event of the year - Triplemanía!

Check out a trailer for the August 9 show above, or listen to Geno & my chat with executive producer of the show (and former WWE writer) Court Bauer here.

As Bauer explained, this PPV is part of AAA's "Phase I" for growing their business in the rest of North America, and the world. Like New Japan Pro Wrestling, the company sees a real opportunity with a growing wrestling fanbase and increased avenues for reaching them. And El Rey Network's Lucha Underground (for which AAA is a partner) has shown - with buzz if not in revenue - that audiences in the U.S will embrace lucha libre-style pro wrestling.

So what's in store for you if you plop down your hard-earned $19.95 (or $29.95 for HD) next Sunday at 7PM Eastern?

Rey Mysterio, Jr. vs. Myzteziz
Alberto El Patrón vs. Brian Cage

Starting off with performers WWE fans should be quite familiar with, and one that's well known to watchers of Lucha Undergound and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.

Mysterio is, well, Mysterio. Former WCW star, WWE champion and probably the most famous luchador in the world. His match with Myzteziz - who was pretty famous globally in his own right as Mistico, and infamous as the original Sin Cara - is being billed as a dream match. And it was for Vince McMahon, who wanted to do it at WrestleMania.

Their first time meeting is being booked as a face vs. face, or técnico vs. técnico, showdown to determine the top enmascarado in the world.

Former WWE champion El Patrón (formerly Del Rio)'s feud with Cage is anything but friendly. The acrobatic hoss has made his disdain for Mexico and its wrestlers known since arriving in the promotion, and AAA's Mega-Champion and proud native son Alberto isn't having it. They've battled for months, and their feud will end at Triplemanía in a hair vs. hair match!

Psycho Circus vs. Los Villanos
Los Hell Bros vs. Jack Evans, Angelico & Fenix vs. Hijo Del Fantasma, Pentagon, Jr. & Texano, Jr. for the World Trios Title

Three-person teams are as much a staple of lucha libre as masks, and this PPV is offering up a couple of doozies.

In addition to being the kind of over-the-top spectacle that Mexican wrestler does so well, the Psycho Circus is also one of Mexico's most dominant trios. Psycho Clown, Monster Clown & Murder Clown are actually good guys, and though they lost the Trios title earlier this Summer, they're still a force in AAA.

Villano IV, a former WCW wrestler and one of many Mendozas to bear the name, returned to the company recently and attacked Psycho Clown, reigniting a long-burning feud between his family and Los Brazos (Psycho is the son of Brazo del Plata, aka Super Porky). Adding to that legacy, the match will be the last for Arturo Diaz Mendoza/Villano III, who has announced that this is his farewell bout.

The team that took the belts from Psycho Circus, Los Hell Bros, will defend them in a three-way against two teams that Lucha Underground fans will instantly recognize. Angelico, Fenix, Pentagon, Jr. & Hijo Del Fantasma (as King Cuerno) were the breakout stars of El Rey's show, and seeing them compete in this type of match, with these stakes should be even more eye-opening for their fans.

Blue Demon, Jr & La Parka vs. El Mesias & Electro Shock
Drago, Goya Kong, Dinastia & Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Daga, Sexy Star, Mini Psycho Clown & Mamba

A pair of legends attempt to deal with a couple of legendary rudos in the tag contest with a uniquely lucha libre feel. Where else can you see a man in a skeleton costume against a guy in a bodysuit designed to look like exposed muscle? You'll also get to see feats of power wrestling, as anyone who's seen Puerto Rican star Mesias (aka Mil Muertes) work can tell you.

Speaking of "unique lucha libre feel", I give you the Relevos Atómicos De Locura...a four-on-four "relay" featuring teams consisting of one male, one female, one mini (little person) and one exotico (effeminate male wrestler).

All of the action will be called by a man who is quickly becoming the voice of international wrestling in the English-speaking world, Matt Stiker, along with former WWE Spanish announcing legend Hugo Savinovich, who is bi-lingual.

Plus, taking a page from Triple H's book, Triplemanía XXIII is sponsored by Paramount Pictures, and the whole show will have a Mission: Impossible theme, with Rey getting an elaborate entrance similar to Hunter's Terminator one in Santa Clara this Spring.

For information on how to watch, either on television or internet PPV, check out AAA's English-language website for the show here. And stay tuned to cSs for additions to the card and other scoops!

Who's joining us for the show next Sunday?

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