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TNA Impact Preview (August 19, 2015): Turning Point

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TNA Impact airs tonight with another special episode.  It was only two weeks ago that we had their No Surrender special, which was overall enjoyable.  Now this week, we have their Turning Point special, including a title match featuring a GFW talent challenging for the title.  So what's been advertised thus far?

1)  Ethan Carter III vs. King of the Mountain Champion PJ Black for the TNA Championship

Last week, GFW talent PJ Black (formerly known as Justin Gabriel) won a King of the Mountain match to with the KOTM Championship.  With that, he also earned a title shot against EC3's TNA title.

I'm really torn on this.  One on hand I'm really excited for a fresh match up with younger talent after months of EC3 vs. Angle and EC3 vs. Matt Hardy.  PJ Black is a great competitor and Carter is immensely entertaining.  If they play it out as a standard match, it should be exciting.

That brings me to my other hand.  Since Black is a GFW talent gunning for the TNA title, I have a fear that it could end with him almost winning until the TNA locker room interferes to prevent him from winning their title.  I don't read the spoilers so I could be wrong.  I'm cautiously optimistic.

2)  Drew Gallaway vs. Eli Drake in a No Disqualification match

Two weeks ago, Eli Drake defeated Drew Galloway in a one on one match up by grabbing the tights and the rope.  Now they meet in a No DQ match.  It's disappointing this match is this soon given the fact they didn't do anything to build the story from the last loss.  Drake should at least have had a backstage promo gloating over his win.  Instead it's just a rematch for rematches sake.  And that does these guys a disservice.

The TNA website questioned whether Eli Darke was the person who attacked Drew backstage last week.  Given the fact someone did the same thing to Bully Ray, I think we can all bet that's not the case.

3)  Gail Kim vs. Jade and Marti Bell in a cage.

Last we left this long standing story, Gail Kim pinned Marti Bell in a three on one match against the Doll House.  But by that time, Taryn had turned tail and ran from the match.  Last week backstage (well their Doll House Slumber Party Room), Taryn instructed her Doll House mates to take care of Gail Kim two on one in a cage.

The cage was the location where the Doll House broke Gail's hand, keeping her out of action for a couple months.  Now this is the location where they will try to take her out for good.  And this is where Gail will try to get some revenge.

I'm betting Gail will take this.  My hope is Marti Bell gets taken out early and we can finally get that Gail Kim vs. Jade match I've been hoping for since Jade debuted.

4)  Mr. Anderson vs. Bram in an Open Mic Challenge

Two weeks ago, Bram defeated Mr. Anderson in a standard one on one match up.  Afterwards, Bram got violent with Anderson, which included beating Ken with his own signature microphone.  Now they will compete in an Open Mic Challenge.

Straight up, I don't know what that is.  It could be a ladder match with the microphone hanging over the ring and the person who gets it gets to use it as a weapon.  Or it could be hanging up where it normally does in the entry way and the wrestlers have to grab it from there to use it.  Either way, it's a hardcore match where you can use the microphone.  It should be a good match.

They haven't given this too much time on TV, but here's a pretty good backstage promo of Anderson talking about this match.


What we'd like to see:

1)  The Knockouts Champion

Brooke has been pretty forgotten since she defeated Taryn Terrell for the title.  She's not part of the Gail/Doll House feud and that's fine.  But Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Madison Rayne are all hanging around doing nothing.  Let's get a feud going.

2)  Some more inter-promotional action

Last week, Impact did a good job showing off some GFW talent without spinning this into some invasion angle.  They just matched up competitors and let them go at it.  Let's continue that trend.  I'd especially want to se more of Brian Myers and Trevor Lee.  And with Jeff Jarrett in charge again this week, it will likely continue.

3)  The story behind this video

TNA aired this video below of Robbie E and a trainer talking about how he injured his neck and is having trouble feeling his arms after taking a dive off the cage in the KOTM match last week.  I am curious how they work this in.  Is this to build Robbie up as a tougher guy?  Or just a throw away video?  It could be to start a feud with Eric Young since he was the man who hit the pile driver.

That's not to rule out that there isn't a real injury they are playing up here.  Decide for yourself.


There you have it, folks.  Impact will be on it's usual time of 9 Eastern on Destination America.  Who's watching?

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