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Celebrate the NFL's return with this video of a linebacker taking a quarterback to Suplex City

Autumn is almost upon us in the United States, bringing with it the return of a pastime which requires almost as much cognitive dissonance and active denial as pro wrestling.

I'm speaking, of course, about good old American football.

One of the great things about the return of boys and men throwing themselves at one another at dangerous speeds is that occasionally, a tackle will look a lot like a wrestling maneuver or throw. Turn one of those into a GIF or Vine, sit back and watch it go viral.

Here's 2015's first such hit, from the Philadelphia Eagles pre-season thumping of Ric Flair's latest favorite team, the Indianapolis Colts. Late in their 36-10 win, linebacker Bryan Braman got a clear shot at quarterback Bryan Bennett when he read a play fake. In addition to stripping the ball loose, Braman helped Bennett to Brock Lesnar's adopted home town.

Check it out:

Are you ready for some football, pro wrestling fans? Or vice versa?

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