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The REC Awards: August 9-15, 2015

Well just look at this picture. We are just about one week away from what will be one of the biggest and most anticipated events of WWE's calendar. Oh, and SummerSlam is also happening. Before all that, let's check out some REC Awards.



WWE Movie Review: I Watch 'The Chaperone' So You Don’t Have To! - ThingsandStuff

The Cosmic Shift of the WWE Universe - Barry Hess

WWE 2K16 'Brass Ring' DLC - SaskatchewanSpinningNerveHold


Comments (link to album)

First, Jomosensual and others react to a possible Chris Jericho/Kevin Owens program

warpenguin55 is down on a slow rumor day. TotalScrub, Punk is Dead, and Mr. Deeds bring in some positivity

Boxingnut4324 starts a game. Fun responses follow


suiko has a question about the WWE 2K16 roster. Dakatak has an answer:

Proud Cesaro & Neville Smark has a question about Alex Riley's latest Twitter rambling:

TD70 comments on Blue Pants' shirt:

Midnight Deeds posts a pic reacting to Seth Rollins and Randy Orton's botchtastic effort:

BrianMyers posts a warning to Matt Roth:

JimmyV723 does some speculating. The Beast Incarnate, Vendri, and The Notorious Eddie Mac respond:

davidraider88 has a question. LadyBlack posts a great answer:

Hasukawa has a few questions:

SpaceKappa does something horrible:

Leia Blaze has a sarcastic question. Vidence provides the answer:

Multiple people react to the Young Bucks delivering a Superkick Party for a kid's birthday:

TheeClownPrince has an idea for Ric Flair's updated Four Horsemen:

Vidence checks Flair's work:

LadyBlack gives her interpretation of the Four Horsemen:

Mrs. Black tells a joke. The Notorious Eddie Mac responds:

TMadeBurner and ThingsandStuff get creative:

akenson defends Kevin Owens:

Cain A. Knight has a dilemma. Arai provides a solution, but Hasukawa warns:

Midnight Deeds sings:

Face Off and Keezus G post some GIFs. Midnight Deeds responds:

Mr. Ambrose has an issue with an attempted cash-in:

Midnight Deeds, Brigade17, and The so-called Beautiful give their reactions to the Roman Reigns incident:

Vince Russo's Antithesis just had to do it:

suiko tells a bad joke. The Amazing A-hole infringes before leaving:

Tyler Kayata reacts to a rumored Jericho/Owens feud. LoneStranger responds:

Brigade17 and others also react to that feud:

Zentrification speaks a truth. Tyler Kayata, Face Off, and others respond:

Jenzel wins the week:

Zentrification speaks more truth:

pierre le fou also drops truth. Tyler Kayata, TheDunktownExpress, and Total Scrub respond:

Tyler Kayata drops more truth. Zentrification and tactless86 respond:

Midnight Deeds reacts to a rumor appropriately:

So does Kevin Kostka:

Vidence discusses Roman Reigns. DOYMarshall responds:

shaqustewart93 posts a message to WWE:

stephsbiatch posts a rumor from Tumblr. warpenguin55, nsuviolin, and Zentrification respond:

Hasukawa rants:

Flashking posts bad news. ThePollux8 and Sandow's Superior respond:

Jomosensual posts a GIF. TotalScrub, Sandow's Superior, Brigade17, and Magnus Magnolius respond:

Larrymentalboy reacts to a rumor. Flashking posts the appropriate pic. warpenguin55 responds:

Raging Jericholic doesn't react to a rumor, but has a message:

Brigade17 has a really credible question:

Magnus Magnolius has a request. D3ath_Knell fulfills said request:

Larrymentalboy has an idea. Jomosensual responds:

Zentrification has an even better idea:

Face Off posts greatness:

Blueblob4life reacts to Rusev's recent luck. The Notorious Eddie Mac responds:

Kyle Decker figures it out:

And finally, suiko shows us who hacked Dolph Ziggler:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Tune in for next week's insanity!

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