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Rumor Look Back: Feb 9 - Feb 15, 2015

Welcome back to the Rumor Look Back.  Let's waste no time and see what rumors were hot six months ago and how they all played out.

February 9, 2015

Apparently, Randy Orton will return tonight on Raw to set up a match with Seth Rollins at Fast Lane.

Orton returned at Fast Lane and the Rollins/Orton match happened at WrestleMania… and like 30 times after. (0/1)

Undertaker won’t return until after Fast Lane. He will work with Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania.

Undertaker actually returned at WrestleMania for that match. (2/2)

There is some word that Ray Stevens may be the next entrant into the Hall of Fame.

This are a lot of Ray Stevens rumors, but he was not inducted into the Hall of Fame. Maybe next year. (0/1)

Bo Dallas and Heath Slater are expected back at TV at any time.

Dallas wouldn’t return until the battle Royal at WrestleMania. Slater appeared once in that tag team turmoil match on SmackDown that Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan competed in. He then wouldn’t be on TV until WrestleMania as well. (1/2)

Wanderlei Silva could do some pro-wrestling with IGF.

Silva has never pro-wrestled. (0/1)

February 10, 2015

Larry Zbyszko will be the next WWE Hall of Fame inductee announced.

At this time Arnold, Savage, and Rikishi were already announced. While Zbyszko was inducted, he wasn’t announced until March. The Bush Whackers were the next announced inductee. (0/1)

It is expected that when Alex Riley returns it will be as a wrestler and not an analyst.

It would be pretty soon that he would soon start working with Owens and his analyst career was over. (1/1)

February 11, 2015

Despite the fact Vince was furious over the Seth Rollins nude photo scandal, it is not expected Seth will face any repercussions.

Given the fact he won the WWE title within two months, I’d say this is pretty accurate. (1/1)

Apparently, WWE is so sold on Kevin Owens that he’ll be winning the title from Sami Zayn tonight.

He did win the title. I don’t think the company is as high on him now as they were then. (1/1)

Don’t be surprised if WWE pulls a panic move this Monday due to low ratings. Dusty Rhodes has already been advertised.

Asides from Dusty, who was mainly backstage anyway, the other big thing was Flair discussing Sting with Triple H. Otherwise, it was a standard Raw. So the question is could bringing in Ric Flair be considered a panic move? Sure, why not. (1/1)

There is a rumor that WWE could be inducting Genichiro Tenryu into the Hall of Fame this year.

He was not an inductee. (0/1)

February 12, 2015

According to the Observer, the WrestleMania plan is Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Bryan.

That would have been pretty cool. It would have at least spiced up the build to WrestleMania, which was completely lackluster. (0/1)

Neither Rollins nor Zahra Schreiber are expected to be punished for the nude photo incident.

Rollins did not seem to be punished, at least on air. I cannot speak for Schreiber since she was not on any TV either way. (1/1)

Apparently Lucha Underground and Vince Russo are in talks to work together soon.

Thank the good Lord that did not happen. Russo denied the rumor in a typical Russo way (0/1)

February 13, 2015

The Observer noted that someone recently saw the Undertaker and he looked really bad and was moving really poorly.

I’ve decided the not to grade this one. Though I debated it because the heart of this rumor was that the Undertaker looked like crap so he wouldn’t look good for the show, and he actually looked pretty good at WrestleMania a month and a half later. Of course, it’s also possible he went nuts with the exercise that 6 weeks so who knows.

Rumor has it that Batista will be playing the Kurgan in the new Highlander movie.

Is the new Highlander still a thing? On imdb, he’s still "rumored" to play it, so I will put this in the outstanding column. The last news of the movie was 6 months ago in February when the rumor circulated. Also, word is Ryan Reynolds is no longer up for the role as the Highlander.

As a big Highlander fan of both the movie and the series, I’m not at all into a remake. However, casting Big Dave as the main villain could get me to see it.

The apparent meeting between Chael Sonnen and WWE is about him being an announcer and not an active wrestling.

Honestly, I don’t even know if this meeting ever happened. But since he’s announcing for GFW, he’s not announcing for WWE. (0/1)

February 14, 2015

While Batista is under contract with WWE, the belief is he’s done wrestling since his movie career has taken off.

While never say never and all that, I’m going to give this maybe 6 months before marking it as true.

For those who watched SmackDown this week and wondered, yes it looks like a nothing Big Show face turn is coming.

Wow, this is actually incorrect. Big Show has been heel for a while now. (This was the tag team turmoil episode mentioned above where it ended with Big Show and Kane going at it.) (0/1)

Stardust and Goldust will have a match but it won’t be at WrestleMania. It looks like it could be at Fast Lane and that may be announced next Monday.

So except for the fact the match didn’t even warrant a Raw announcement and instead was announced on the following SmackDown, the other two aspects of the rumor are true. (2/3)

Xavier Woods should be back working matches with the New Day on TV soon.

He and Kofi defeated Golddust and Stardust the following Monday. (1/1)


This week:  11/22 - 50%

Overall:  356/689 - 52%

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