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Expect Stephen Amell, not Green Arrow, for a one-time appearance at SummerSlam

Arrow star Stephen Amell's preparation for and promotion of his tag match at SummerSlam is starting to heat up. He'll be Renee Young's guest on Unfiltered next week, and his experience on Raw this past Monday to set-up he and Neville's showdown against Stardust & King Barrett was the main focus of an "Amell Live Session" on his Facebook page earlier this week.

In the video, he thanks WWE for a great night, and answers some questions he's been getting from fans about what exactly he'll be doing in Brooklyn on August 23. One thing he won't be doing is appearing as his character from his show on The CW, which is set to roll out its fourth season worth of episodes this October.

But just because we'll be getting the actor behind the Emerald Archer and not Oliver Queen doesn't mean we won't be getting a show:

No, I'm Stephen Amell. I think that I will have some tricks up my sleeve, though, because I am an actor, I am one for theatrics. I'm not entering like a heel in the early 80s with no music and just a staredown. Hopefully we put a little theatricality behind it.

The other burning question for the Canadian actor is whether or not this bout and angle is the start of an ongoing relationship for him with WWE. Unfortunately, it sounds like it's the proverbial "one shot deal" for the long-time pro wrestling fan. To fans who ask if he'd wrestle again after next Sunday in New York, he responded:

I don't think so. This was a one-off that I wasn't even really anticipating. So, no, I don't think so. But SummerSlam will certainly be fun. It will be really, really fun.

There you have it, Cagesiders, from the savior of Starling City himself. Are you disappointed that he won't be bringing a compound bow, or that he and The Man That Gravity Forgot won't be forming a Justice League?

Or are you just looking for an entertaining night?

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