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Did WWE spoil the results of TakeOver: Brooklyn's title matches at last night's NXT tapings? (Spoilers)

NXT's schedule presented them with a dilemna.

The episode of their weekly WWE Network broadcast from this past Wednesday, August 12, was the last from their July taping at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. With ten days still to go before their live event in Brooklyn the night before SummerSlam, they needed something to fill the 'go home' show spot in the schedule. Compounding the problem, they had already announced and sold tickets for a three hour taping at Full Sail for last night.

Reports are coming in on what they filmed last night, and some of what aired would seem to give away the results of two of TakeOver: Brooklyn's big title matches. Pictures and analysis of those instances are coming right up, so last warning regarding POTENTIAL SPOILERS...






At one point in the evening, current NXT champion Finn Bálor reportedly cut an in-ring promo vowing to defeat Kevin Owens in New York on August 22. But that was earlier in the night during what was presumably the main segment of next week's episode.

Current Women's champ Sasha Banks also worked the show with her belt over her shoulder. She defeated a debuting Gionna Daddio.

There was reportedly no explanation for the live crowd for either titleholder. NXT Creative could have sent the two out there just to swerve the internet with segments they never intend to televise, or in the case of The Boss, for a match they could edit into the August 19 broadcast, or explained away by a backstage segment such as an attack to steal a belt, or say was taped prior to Brooklyn - a common trick from days gone by to account for delays from taping to air date.

We have more detailed spoilers from the show here, and we'll find out who the champs are next Saturday.

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