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Does John Cena's new merch telegraph the finish of his match with Seth Rollins at SummerSlam?

WWE Shop

Normally, new John Cena gear wouldn't necessarily be newsworthy. Outside of "hey, is it orange's turn in the rotation again?" you know if you're the audience for the Ce-Nation rainbow of merchandise or not.

But with a title v. title match against Seth Rollins coming up later this month at SummerSlam, decorating shirts, hats and headbands with the number of times he's currently been a World champion for WWE might be giving away more than they should.

We were kicking this around in the Cageside Seats' (virtual) office, and couldn't figure out how this made sense.

Cynical me, I just assumed that either they're happy to sell some stuff that will be outdated in two weeks, or that the folks at WWE Shop have no idea what Creative has planned for the pay-per-view (PPV) on August 23.

But Geno and Bill correctly point out that this isn't just an event shirt, they'll rolling this out as the new ring attire for their biggest star. Cena gets a look refresh more often than most, but not usually once more than three or four times per year.

Does the commitment to "15X" as a logo for the current United States champion mean that he won't be picking up his 16th World title reign at SummerSlam?

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