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Hulk Hogan confuses Twitter with plans to work WrestleMania 32 despite WWE firing, quickly backtracks

Hulk Hogan on Twitter

Taking a page from John Cena's book, Hulk Hogan isn't letting his termination, or thorough public shaming for rascist remarks caught on various tapes, or pending perjury charges, limit his goals.

No, The Hulkster got on Twitter this morning to celebrate his 61st birthday and announce his intentions to still be at next year's Showcase of the Immortals at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas:

It's an outlandish enough thought that you'd almost wonder if Hogan has been hacked like Dolph Ziggler was yesterday, or was somehow clowning the internet wrestling community.

But the rest of his feed is full of the same kinds of well-wishing re-Tweets that proved him to be non-social media savvy in the days after The National Enquirer first broke the story of his career-killing racist pillow talk with his friend's wife, so it's probably just our vitamin-taking, prayer-saying Real American believing his own hype as usual.

Because while nearly every celebrity gets a second chance in our society, there's no way that happens by next Spring...right?

Right, Cagesiders?

UPDATE: Hogan explains he meant it in the past tense:

Sorry, Hulkamaniacs. Put down the Twitter machine, Terry.

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