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Global Force Wrestling's TV show gets a name: AMPED

Global Force Wrestling will hit the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada for its television tapings on July 24, 2015. The promotion doesn't yet have a television deal but that won't stop it from taping shows to shop around. Today, Jeff Jarrett announced that show has a name.


Here's what he had to say:

"You know April 7, 2014 was the day that we just named the company. Month by month we would name a new promotion we have an alliance with, and then as the weeks and months rolled along we made the announcement about the Grand Slam tour, and then we made the announcement about The Orleans, and then we made specific talent announcements. This announcement I'm making today, with all the market research we've done, all the teamwork that's gone into this internally within Global Force Wrestling and outside of Global Force Wrestling, I couldn't be more excited to say that when we go to The Orleans on July 24 it is our first set of tapings for the television show called 'Amped.'

"'Amped' is the name we use. We all really got the best feeling, almost from day one, different names for the television show... what's really going to wrap it around? And it's 'Amped.' Why is it 'Amped?' I'm amped not to write stories but to document stories. I'm amped to see the action, whether it be Lucha Libre, whether it be strong style from Japan, the pageantry of the US. We've got international stars from around the globe and I'm amped to get this program out."

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