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Like a House Afire: WWE should add MORE pay-per-views to the schedule

Welcome to another episode of Like a House Afire, a weekly-ish video-cast that runs down some hot topics in the world of pro wrestling with opinion and analysis from yours truly.

WWE's pay-per-view (PPV) and event schedule in May and June was frenetic...did it also force them to stop stalling and jut tell stories, though? The way Beast in the East was used in the WWE World championship and United States title angles made me think so. Could a change create more Network content, give the company a competitive advantage and result in more entertaining shows?

Here's some background on the buzz that drove this episode:

Just a couple of good FanPosts that helped me crystallize my thoughts this time around...

Hollywood Chris Hall onWWE's lack of balance and focus

Barry Hess on how stories are disappearing from Raw

Kyle Da'Costa argues for a WWE overhaul

Hope you enjoy the show, and please hit us up in the comments with your thoughts, feedback, questions or suggestions.

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