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Tough Enough Aftermath: Live this business

Let's check out what happened after the show ended. Week 3 reactions, videos, and a Seth Rollins appearance!

WWE Tough Enough

Another week down, another -- two? -- competitors gone. If you missed last night's show, KDidz has you covered with a full show recap, so go check that out. Before we get to the contestants, a few reactions to what happened once this week's show ended.

  • Always Judging - There are plenty of factors involved, but when people have terrible showings on Tough Talk, they are gone the next week. Alex had some dumb comments at the house, and did horrible on the after-show, he was voted out. Daria lost her NXT Title, got trashed on Tough Talk last week, and now she's gone too. I'm not sure if she was the right choice, but it just shows these guys always need to be on their toes. One big mistake and they are gone!
  • Judges - All three were great this week. They asked good questions and didn't interject or laugh -- looking at you Bryan -- too much.
  • Arguments - Tanner and Patrick do it right. Amanda, Gabi, and Daria do it wrong. All that yelling over each other is beyond annoying, Miz needs to rein that in faster.

Lita didn't think Daria was the next to go and gives some insight to the process:

Here's this week's episode of Tough Talk.


Let's take a look at how each contestant did in week three.

  • Amanda showed some personality this week, but her fighting with Gabi ran on way too long. I'm not sure how far that will get her with the fans, win more challenges instead.
  • Daria looked like she really wanted to be here. Not having the NXT title and doing poorly in this week's challenge hurt her.
  • Sounded like some personal issues with Dianna's business (friend/employee got hurt bad breaking up a fight) pulled her away from the show.
  • If anyone remembers WWE's Diva Search from years back, Gabi reminds me of Carmella. She has some talent, is half-dedicated, and doesn't get along with anyone in the house. She suddenly has the most Twitter followers among the entire group, must be doing something right.
  • First off, Giorgia is the best dressed person on each Tough Talk. She has gone from being completely in the background, to having a chance to win this. Might be one of those personalities when the lights come on, she turns into a different person. During the after-show she said: "I’m consistent, I’ve come in second, second, first, first in challenges". Will be interesting to see where she goes from here.
  • Josh is very much flying under the radar, but is still in the running. He and Miz have the most comical interactions, the guy has personality for sure.
  • Mada has a great look and unique story, his presence is still lacking. He did well in the entrance challenge, so it’s definitely there. Feel like he’s always one of the last people I write about in this though.
  • Loved that they called out who watched the Beast in the East show. Little things like this matter and it's really helping Patrick. Hogan especially loved the commitment it saying "you have to live this business". If it was up to him, this competition would be over. At one point in the show, Tanner called Patrick out for not disclosing his previous wrestling experience. Patrick understands that what he did in the indies doesn’t matter, because he’s in the WWE. They are completely different styles and he's learning how WWE does things. Back in season 1, Chris Nowinski was a guy that had more wrestling experience, and tried to teach other competitors what he knew, the trainers hated that and told him to stop. I am completely on Patrick's side with this issue. It's not that he's hiding his past, but it's really not that extensive, and he wants to learn how to do things the right way for a potential future employer.
  • Sara is a nice girl, just don’t see her as a Diva, nothing this week changed my mind. Solid fan base is keeping her around.
  • The feud between Tanner and Patrick is one of the best things on this show. Whether they really don’t like each other or not, it’s still good TV. Would love to see more ring training to see how he's holding up.
  • ZZ looked ridiculous out there in that strange "American Hero" outfit he put together. Although ZZ has way more charisma, he's basically in the same boat as Sara. Not right to win this competition, but has a lot of fans that will keep him around.


Here are a few reactions and some previews of what's to come next week.

Looks like Chelsea Green is getting a second chance due to Dianna leaving early.

Seth Rollins gave his initial thoughts on the contestants, and he still needs to see more.


That's it for me, Cagesiders, who did you like? Who should go next? Sound off in the comments!

All Videos and Photos via WWE Tough Enough

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