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The REC Awards: June 28 - July 4, 2015

The last few moment of Kofi Kingston's conscious life
The last few moment of Kofi Kingston's conscious life

Welcome to this week's REC Awards, and it has been a very interesting week with the awesome Beast in the East live show from Japan. Brock Lesnar murdered The New Day, Finn Balor won the NXT Championship, and America turned another year older, among other things.

Now for the RECs.



Your Occasional Reminder As to How Much Worse the WWE Could Be: Money in the Bank & Fallout - the_hbomb

A WWE overhaul is exceedingly overdue - Kyle_Da'Costa

Hustle, Loyalty, and (finally) Respect - SomePunkKidd

Destroying Lana, or, How to Kill A Popular Character In Less Than 60 Days - No Leaf Clover

The Demon King Rises - mwcampbell92

Before Turning on RAW Weekly and Voicing your Displeasure, Look at Yourself in the Blank TV Screen - Drew Nicholas

A Mid-Year look at the potential year-end Observer Awards - Vidence

Fixing the Character: Cesaro AND The Beauty of Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens - Brigade17

Photos of Honor - Rest of the Best (in the World) - TheDannyBaxter


Comments (link to album)

First, OurLadyJustice gives thoughts on John Cena's horrible springboard stunner:

LoneStranger remembers:

kdotj24 has thoughts for the Bella feud:

Midnight Deeds responds to something from that interview:

kmtierney reacts to the interview:

suiko asks and answers a question. kdotj24, kmtierney, and D.E.O. respond:

KennyPowersforPope, Corra, TMadeBurner, MakeStrongLookReallyRomanReigns, Doug E. Fresh, and Proud Cesaro & Neville Smark react to Cesaro being awesome:

Flexo, prepare to shock the world and DallasDriller react to comments made by EC3:

LadyBlack and Tyler Kayata have bad news for Kofi Kingston:

LoneStranger shows us something:

Blinkocracy misreads and realizes something:

Magnus Magnolius has an idea:

WWORDuke channels Shakespeare:

ColeStevens has a question. South of Heaven and ElvisBenny answer:

TheViewFromFigueroa drops a bomb:

Flashking has an idea:

Flashking and who me react to a TNA rumor:

SpyroDash reacts to a rumor. Sandow's Superior responds:

Raging Jericholic is dissatisfied:

Cain A. Knight reacts to a rumor. Vidence responds:

RipleyBishop reacts to a rumor. NuclearSun responds:

Raging Jericholic has a simple idea:

RipleyBishop reacts to another rumor. He then fires back at a rude reply, causing Brigade17 to respond:

TotalScrub has a question, and TheGoose01 answers:

TotalScrub rips Randal Ortman. Sandow's Superior, Midnight Deeds, and Magnus Magnolius respond:

TheDannyBaxter presents Vince McMahon's wish list. Brigade17, Tonya Rogers, and Lordban respond:

TheLongGoodbye has a hope. DexterRush, DJ Holm, and Sudden ChairShot respond:

Kagami mourns the banning of Seth Rollins:

ReverendKain speaks truth. South of Heaven responds with more truth:

Tonya Rogers shares...something:

And finally, Zentrification responds to Eric Young's rant on Twitter:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Tune in next week for more fun!

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