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Sasha Banks torn between main roster WWE call up or staying in NXT

In a recent interview with Afterbuzz, current NXT Women's Champion Sasha Banks was asked if she would rather stay in NXT where she'll get time to work her matches and be booked as an important part of the show or get called up to the main roster in WWE.

Her response:

"I'm still confused on that because I love NXT and watched it grow. I've been there when we had four minutes for my matches to now have fifteen minutes for my matches to main eventing. To lose that would be so hard on me, but it's always been my dream to be on Raw and SmackDown. If I can be a part of this revolution of NXT, I would love to be on Raw and SmackDown to see where that takes me and see if we can transition what we have down there to up there to have the phenomenon keep growing. NXT is my home, but I'm ready for the next challenge and for more opportunities...I still need to face Bayley. I need that one Takeover match with her."

Timing is everything. While NXT has made it a point to present women properly on its programming for a while now, WWE is still lagging behind with a mess of a Divas division that has been recycling the same three minute matches for far too long. The champion of that division, Nikki Bella, is currently chasing AJ Lee's consecutive days as titleholder streak, so Banks may want to hold off on showing up until around October or so.

Then it could get interesting.

Would you rather Sasha stay in NXT where she reigns supreme or come up to the main roster to get some new blood in the title picture?

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