Lucha Underground, Episode 38 (July 29, 2015): Rundown & Review

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A pandemoniacal episode 38 of Lucha Underground is in the books. In case you're still trying to find it, the show airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET/PT on El Rey and Saturdays at 4pm ET/PT in Spanish on UniMas. Catch up on last week's episode and watch the Aztec medallion Battle Royale along with 37 episodes in 37 minutes to get in the mood.

In case you missed it, Dave Walsh analyzed why Lucha Underground is the best wrestling show on TV. Ambrose Alley discussed how Lucha Underground was part of rediscovering wrestling enjoyment. Kmtierney previewed Ultima Lucha matches with some Cagesider predictions. Zentrification previewed hour one of Ultima Lucha with some Cagesider reflections, posted Ultima Lucha hour one GIFs, and added character profiles of Cage and Drago. Also, check out the open thread discussion amongst viewing Cagesiders.

Dario Cueto & Black Lotus dungeon segment

A light bulb sways as Black Lotus with wrapped fists does pullups on an upright mattress base in her cell. The camera zooms in to her upper body and it looks like she is "doing" these exercises while on a stool.

"Tonight's the night," Cueto proudly proclaims as he enters in a tuxedo with a glass of champagne. "Ultima Lucha's finally here. Champagne?" A grimy Black Lotus gives the middle finger as her response then does a standing upkick to shake the light bulb with a high-pitched ding sound effect.

Cueto downs his champagne, "I was hoping that spending all this time so close to my brother may have given you a change of heart. You still believe he's responsible, don't you?"

Cueto drops some truth bombs (or lies), "A pit bull by nature is not a dangerous animal. How did they get that reputation? Because men beat pit bulls so badly, they had no choice but to fight back and let out the beast. That's what happened to my brother. My father made alot of money in underground ugliness (?) exploiting his little pit bull. Billed as, "The Monster," Matanza Cueto. I will admit he hurt alot of people but not your parents. That was a lie fabricated by the real man who killed them, El Dragon Azteca." Holy shit!

Cueto convincingly continues, "Your father was the leader of the Black Lotus triad in Hong Kong. They were at war with El Dragon Azteca and his clan of mercenaries. He killed your parents and blamed my brother, so he could have the last laugh; his archrival's daughter as his loyal apprentice. Matanza may be a pit bull, but El Dragon Azteca is a snake." Mind blown!

Cueto excuses himself, "Sorry, I have a show to run. I know the truth hurts, but it also can set you free." Cueto held up his necklace key as he stated that.

Black Lotus takes this news by furiously speedbagging the wall with a chalk outline of a man. Thrust punches into the wall shake the light bulb again. She may have broken through the wall, or not.

Sergio Arau plays us into the temple. The temple is adorned with cool banners of Ultima Lucha fight posters.

Falls count anywhere with weapons: The Mack vs Cage

The Mack was entering via stairway when Cage ambushed him at full speed. Cage also stole Mack's bumblebee colors for this fight. Heavy brawling in the upper realm. The first major move was from Mack with an exploder suplex in the fan stands.

More brawling on the floor. Chair shot by Cage. Spear into a door by Mack. Fire extinguisher by Cage. Vampiro commented, "Mack looks like he's been rolled in dough." Stop sign to Mack's head. DDT by Cage onto the stop sign. Mack breaking a 2x4 over Cage's back.

Mack bashed a cooler on Cage's head. Out flew beer and ice. Mack popped two beers, smashed them together which splashed into Cage's face, then delivered a stunner followed by the Austin salute.

The violence continued with a glass bottle breaking over Cage's head, which ignited his machine sprockets to pay Mack back with a vicious clothesline. Mack sitout powerbombed Cage off the apron through a table.

Back to the upper level. Trash can lid to Cage's head. Spinebuster to Cage on a trash can on top of Dario Cueto's office. Cage connected on a discus clothesline to send Mack over the railing. Cage suplexed him back over the rail onto the office roof. After a two count, Cage dragged over a cinder block. He wrapped Mack up and smashed down with a curb stomp onto the cinder block.

3 count for the Cage win. Tremendously fun match.

Trios championship: Disciples of Death vs Team Havoc

Matt Striker let us know that the match will be tornado rules. That means no tags and all six are legal competitors all of the time. Ivelisse was still injured and on crutches. The Disciples came out with skullier masks and gloves up to their forearms. It reminded me of Red Skull.

There was fighting all over the place, in and out of the ring, without a smooth flow. Highlights include Son of Havoc with a suicide dive on one side then racing over to the other side for another suicide dive, Angelico flipping over the ropes to the outside, and Angelico with another insane flying crossbody off Dario Cueto's office.

With all five men incapacitated (Angelico had blood coming out of his mouth), Catrina and Ivelisse got into a scuffle. Catrina entered the ring to raise her stone, which resuscitated her squad. Ivelisse limped in, threw away her crutches, then hobbled right into a goozling from Catrina. Ivelisse turned the tide with an arm drag and some ground and pound. Catrina got top position when Ivelisse played up to the crowd. Catrina grabbed her stone and walloped Ivelisse. A Disciple slithered in to make the cover. 1, 2, 3. New champs. Lick on Ivelisse.

Matt Striker gave cheers with Miller Lite to Vampiro while he had an opportunity before Vampiro's match next week with Pentagon, Jr.

Believer's Backlash: Hernandez vs Drago

Fans surrounded the ring with leather straps to use as they chose on either wrestler if he found himself outside the ropes. The wrestlers were allowed to hit back, even though they didn't take that opportunity tonight.

Hernandez beat up on Drago early. As Drago was caught up on the top rope, Hernandez executed a nice drop kick off the top turnbuckle ropes to send Drago out of the ring. Much to Hernandez's surprise and consternation, the believers did not strap Drago. Hernandez left the ring to push Drago and that's when the believers began strapping. They were laying it in rough. Each time Hernandez hit the floor, he got whipped. No mercy.

Back in the ring, Drago came off the top turnbuckle with a magnificent corkscrew. The match had flurries of in-ring action before Hernandez ended up outside the ring. Highlights include flying shoulder block by Hernandez, Hernandez catching a Drago crossbody and turning it into a sitout powerbomb, whirling DDT by Drago, and a border toss of Drago into the believers.

Hernandez went for a flying maneuver over the top rope, but Drago misted him in the face mid-air. Hernandez landed right on his own face. The believers took advantage for some more strapping. Hernandez escaped under the ring. When he came out on the other side, he was met by more straps.

The believers funneled Hernandez back over to Drago, who starting styling a pair of blue nunchuks. Three strikes to Hernandez's head, with the last one breaking the nunchuks. Drago set up Hernandez on a table and came crashing down with a flying splash. Another flying splash in the ring this time, and Drago earned the pinfall victory.

El Dragon Azteca back door segment

El Dragon Azteca walked with purpose to a back entrance of the temple. A taller man in a white hoodie ceased Dragon Azteca's progress. Brief kung fu showdown with neither man connecting.

Spanish with English subtitles. White hoodie says, "You know what the prophecy says. You can not enter the temple." Dragon Azteca utters, "Let me in. She is a prisoner because I failed her." White hoodie answers back, "Let me tell Puma. He brought her to you once. He can do it again." Dragon Azteca retorts, "He has a different path this time. I will not put him in anymore danger." White hoodie offers, "Then I will go." Dragon Azteca states, "No. You are not ready yet. This is my fight!" A concerned white hoodie says, "But the prophecy says you will die." Dragon Azteca declares, "I may die, but El Dragon Azteca lives on forever!" White hoodie acquiesces. Dragon Azteca enters and the huge door closes behind him.


Pure spectacle with so-so wrestling. One on hand, I don't feel like the wrestling was a good representation of why so many fans love Lucha Underground. Don't get me wrong, the episode was very enjoyable, but I wouldn't choose it to show a first-time viewer. On the other hand, it sure was a tasty appetizer before the main course next week.

Cage vs Mack was tons of fun. It was an absolutely brutal match with the most violent finish I have even seen. I sincerely hope that cinder block was gimmicked so that Mack felt zero pain. It probably won't be the best match of Ultima Lucha, but I'm confident to say it will be the show stealer. Tough act to follow.

I wasn't feeling the Trios match. I think the tornado rules were a negative. There was zero semblance of a tag match. As soon as the bell rang, it devolved into a mass skirmish with some highlight maneuvers thrown in for excitement. The tornado rules totally ruined any chance of Team Havoc retaining due to being outnumbered and eliminating any potential strategy of a tag match. It is too bad they lost.

However, I agree with the choice to have Team Havoc lose at Ultima Lucha. They should have lost to whoever their competition would have been. With only two-thirds of their team healthy, they were running on borrowed time. The break between seasons gives time for Ivelisse to get healed, and it makes the team even stronger when they charge back to claim their gold once again. Plus, the buildup for a feud between Ivelisse and Catrina is going to be fire.

The Believer's Backlash match was much more fun than I anticipated. It was an okay match with a real hot finish. Credit to Hernandez for agreeing to this. Hernandez even wrestled without his top shirt so we could see the welts on his upper body. Drago's mist spit and use of nunchuks got me rowdy.

Saving the best for last, the Black Lotus saga intensified with the heat of one thousand suns. So awesome. Dario Cueto was pretty convincing when he told his little story. He might be conniving and malevolent, but he has not been proven to be a liar, yet. Puma being revealed as the kidnapper of Black Lotus wowed me. That means he knows about Matanza. I wonder if Matanza can save Konnan from the coffin. Talk of a prophecy with the death of El Dragon Azteca has left me with so many questions that this story is now the one I am most eager for at the Ultima Lucha finale.

Last week's poll showed that Prince Puma vs Mil Muertes is the most anticipated match for Ultima Lucha with 31% of 235 votes. Vampiro vs Pentagon, Jr. came in second with 26%, while Johnny Mundo vs Alberto El Patron trailed in third with 14%.

Thoughts and theories about the episode? Where does Mack munching cinder block rank on your list of brutal finishes? How excited are you for the prospect of Ivelisse vs Catrina? Did Hernandez earn your respect? Will El Dragon Azteca meet his demise? Check the Match of the Week playlist to see a full match from this week. It is usually updated before the weekend. Until then, enjoy highlights from the episode.

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