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TNA Impact Results, Review, & Video (July 29, 2015): No Impact

TNA Impact aired tonight with another offering from their last set of tapings in Orlando.  They have the No Surrender special next week.  Let's see how they did to get us all excited for it.


Austin Aries comes down to the ring and calls out Bully Ray for not putting him in the #1 Contenders match for the TNA title.  Bully says that Aries recently lost to Angle so he needs to work his way back up.  Aries then asks for a tag championship match for the Dirty Heels.  Bully shoots that down too since they just lost the Best of Five Series to the Wolves.  He does offer him a shot at the X Division title.

Austin scoffs at that, saying "been there, done that."  He says he's too good for that title.  That title is for guys who will never be Heavyweight champion like Rockstar Spud.  Spud comes down and tells Aries he respects him and hearing that from a guy he looks up to hurts him, especially since Aries did so much for guys like Spud when he created Option C.  Aries tells Spud that he created Option C for Aries, no one else.

Austin tells Spud he'll give him a chance to prove he can hang with a guy like him next week.  Spud says he'll show he can not just hang with him but he'll beat Aries.  Double A says that if he loses to Spud, he doesn't deserve to be in Impact.  That sets up a match for next week:  Aries vs Rockstar Spud.  If Spud wins, Aries leaves Impact.  if Aries win, he takes the "Rockstar" moniker from Rockstar Spud.

This all plays as a set up to next week's No Surrender special.  Unfortunately, the knowledge that Aries is in fact leaving TNA and has already worked in Ring of Honor since makes the suspense of that upcoming match null and the impact of this segment diminished.

Aries works as a fine heel here because he's Austin Aries and he's a great performer.  His burial of the X Division did not quite work as heel heat like it should because the X Division has been garbage since he left it so it felt more like a sad reality than a heat seeker.

I'm intrigued for next week not to see who will win, but how well Aries puts over Spud on his way out.  Austin Aries is one of the best in the game.  I've noted before that Spud's offense seems limited in the ring.  Next week against the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived will be a good time to show when the Rockstar really can do.


Chris Melendez comes to the ring with Kurt Angle for his match against Eric Young.  Melendez cuts a quick promo where he says that he owns the fact he's lost to Young already.  But he states that he does not accept defeat.  He never has over seas in the military nor did he when he got back.  He does not plan to now.

Chris Melendez is then defeated by Eric Young via pinfall after a pile driver.

This loss baffled me a bit.  The story may be about Chris Melendez overcoming multiple defeats to claim finally victory over Eric Young.  However, TNA has been so stop and go when it comes to this story.  It's been technically going on for months since the Hardcore War in May when Young ripped off the Sarge's leg.  But in that time they've had two matches and I think two segments otherwise.  That's giving fans way too much time between the story to stay invested.  I even thought it was over after their last match because it was so long before they mentioned it again.

And this is all a disservice to the Sarge.  I've said it before, but he's someone they should be focusing on.  He should have TV time fairly often.  He's a ready made baby face who's a pretty good promo.  Coming out and saying "I own my losses but as before, I will keep trying" is the best baby face promo there is.   But unfortuantely he took an abrupt pile driver yet again to Young and we won't know for awhile if this story is over yet.

Another note:  I've thought this prior but an Angle/Melendez tag team when Angle is healthy again would be a good thing for both men.


Brooke defeats Marti Bell (with distraction help from Gail Kim after the Doll House exploited their numbers) to retain the Knockouts title

This was one of those matches that suffered largely due to the predictability of the booking.  It was clear that Marti Bell wasn't going to win the title.  And I think many could have guessed that Gail was going to appear again since she is really the main foil to Taryn Terrell and not Brooke.  We can likely expect this to happen when Brooke defends against Jade as well.

This isn't saying that TNA shouldn't have put the belt on Marti Bell to avoid predictability.  But it may not have been wise to book a match where the fans can guess the repetitive outcome.

None of this does Brooke any favors either.  She's been in the backseat of this entire story despite now being champion.  Plus she hasn't won the title on her own nor defended it without help.  Both times, Gail Wyatt Kim mystically appeared to help even the numbers.  While the help was to even the odds, this clearly isn't Brooke's story and it doesn't help Brooke nor the title she holds.


TNA airs some more footage of Tigre Uno in his home town of Tijuana.  He discusses the joys of being the father, the opportunities that TNA have given him, and how the lucha libre style helps him connect with his community.

Backstage in Orlando, Christy Hemme interviews Tigre.  He points out that Donald Trump was too much a coward to show up.  The champ goes on to say that he is not afraid of people like Donald Trump.

This all plays the same way it did last week.  The video package does a great job letting fans learn and hopefully connect to their X Division champion.  Hell, these would have been even better prior to when he won the title.  But the Trump stuff?  What was the point of all of that?  Is this it?  It's just Tigre saying "Welp, he didn't show up?"  I hope it is done but either way, it's a waste of time.  It didn't work as a story.  It didn't pop any ratings.  It didn't do anything.

This could all have been done just the same without the "calling out" of Donald Trump.  They could have advertised it as "Tigre Uno's exclusive on his thoughts on Donald Trump" and they wouldn't have had that foolish ending where they say "Wow, Trump was too much of a coward to show up."


TNA Champion Ethan Carter III comes out with Tyrus and says that that "egg sucking" Bully Ray duped EC3 by suddenly giving Matt Hardy the chance to pick his stipulation for their title match next week.  He goes on to mock Jeff Hardy for breaking his leg and calls the Hardys a bunch of hillbillies.

Jeff comes down and delivers his typical Jeff Hardy promo on Ethan Carter telling him that watching EC3 on TV makes him sick and that Matt will be the guy to take the title from Carter.  Matt comes down to announce his stipulation for next week.  As Jeff narrates, Matt goes and grabs a table, chair, and ladder from under the ring setting up that next week will be a Full Metal Mayhem match.  Also, no one is allowed at ring side, meaning Tyrus cannot interfere.

Wait, isn't that two stipulations?

I'm glad to have EC3 on my TV again this week because his heelish charisma is always enjoyable.  But this segment was a pretty dull way to set up their match for next week.

To be honest, I haven't really been a fan of Jeff Hardy since maybe 2009.  His promos are totally bland so when he's not doing something exciting in the ring, it's tough for me to care about him.  However there are plenty of Hardy fans out there and for them I'm glad he's back.

Next week should be pretty good now that it won't be totally overbooked since Tyrus isn't allowed at ring side.  That should give Carter a legitimate when to help solidify him as champ.


Magnus and Mickie James defeat James Storm and Serena in a mixed tag match.  Khoya tried to interfere by attacking Magnus with his large walking stick while the ref was distracted but he hit Storm instead.  Mickie hits a DDT on Serena to get the pin and then after the match hits a spinning DDT on Storm to get some revenge on him as well.

Kudos to everyone involved in this feud.  Even at the end, when two of the people are close to leaving TNA and the story itself has tanked, they are still giving it their all to sell this match and entertain us.  Prior to the match, Mickie and Magnus cut a backstage promo that was strong to help sell this match and the story leading up to it.  The whole introduction of Serena just does not have the history to work, but the performers can only do so much.

The match itself was entertaining.  It wasn't as good as good as the one on one match Magnus and Storm had a Slammiversary but it was a good match to blow off the feud.  Mickie got the win and her extra revenge on Storm by laying him out.


Jeff Jarrett is inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame.  He gives an emotional speech thanking a bunch of people.  As he leaves, the wrestlers come out on stage and clap for him and he shakes hands with them at the end.

When it comes to flow of a wrestling show, this was never going to seem to fit.  There's a reason that these ceremonies are usually done on a different night.  But this show was already a throw away show, mainly setting up angles for next week's bigger special, so it didn't hinder something great they were building.

This also reminded us that TNA still hasn't bothered to acknowledge anything about Jarrett having the title he won at Slammiversary stolen from him.  This wouldn't have been the time to work it into the story, but it did serve as reminder that that story that was released by GFW almost a month ago still hasn't been acknowledged by TNA.

In the end, I watched this segment out of kayfabe because that's what it was to those involved.  And on that level, it was an honest, emotional speech by Jarrett.  He deserves to be in the TNA Hall of Fame.  He spent his entire speech thanking others and did not talk himself up at all.

Not a lot of people came out on stage afterwards, which could be an indication of how small the TNA locker room has become.  Kurt Angle came out initially but peaced prior to Jarrett walking up to shake hands.  (Angle was not specifically mentioned in Jeff's speech either obviously.)   Given their history, that all makes sense.


Pros of the Show:
  • Everyone in the Storm/Magnus feud still giving it their all
  • At least EC3 is back
  • Real emotion from Jeff Jarrett in his promo
Cons of the Show:
  • Aries leaving lessened the impact of that segment
  • That was the payoff to "Calling out Donald Trump?"
  • Jeff Hardy continues to be an average at best promo
  • TNA's pacing/booking of Melendez doesn't make sense
  • Repetitive Knockouts segment that leaves the champ looking poor
This was an easily skippable show that was all to set up for their bigger show next week.  This whole set of tapings suffered mightily from bad pacing (due to the Hernandez situation) and while they didn't need to show a replay of an old match, this episode was uneventful as well.  The Hall of Fame speech was nice, but certainly made this feel like a show that could easily be missed.

Grade:  D+

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