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Ric Flair: NXT is a better product than Ring of Honor, TNA

In an interview with WrestleTalk.TV, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair states his belief that NXT is a better product than both Ring of Honor and TNA and there is no company who can compete with WWE at this point, partially because of that. Agree or disagree?

"I don't think anybody can compete with the WWE. And see now it's not just WWE it's WWE and NXT. You put NXT up against Ring of Honor or up against TNA, what are they going to watch? They're going to watch NXT. It's a better product. That's just what it is and it's brand new. Of course they've captured the audience, they've gone out on the road periodically and everywhere they go they sell out. The matches are longer, less talking; it's totally different than Raw or SmackDown, it's a different product. The guys are smaller. I don't have a preference, I just meant the guys are flying around, they're all like Rey Mysterio. But then along comes Kevin Owens and he's a big guy. It's well diversified, they have big guys there too. Their product is diversified and it's in good shape. Hunter, it's his baby. He manicures it and watches over it and takes care of it and he protects it. If Vince (McMahon) decides to get behind it, which I think he's pretty much committed to do that, they could be on network TV tomorrow. I don't see Ring of Honor or TNA even being a factor."

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