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Not even the Hulk Hogan racism scandal could help Tough Enough ratings

When a racist rant from Hulk Hogan went public and he was fired by WWE, it created an opening on the judges panel on Tough Enough, where the Hulkster had been working alongside Daniel Bryan and Paige. WWE did not immediately reveal who would be replacing him, instead opting to wait until last night's episode to reveal that The Miz would vacate his post as host of Tough Talk to slide into the judge's seat.

The idea, of course, was that this would help pop a rating.

It didn't.

Indeed, Tough Enough drew just 980,000 viewers this week (and just a 0.4 in the coveted 18-49 demographic), down from the 1.11 million it drew for episode five last week and its lowest viewership number of the season. Here's how this season looks so far:

Ep. 1: 1.20 million
Ep. 2: 1.05 million
Ep. 3: 1.22 million
Ep. 4: 997,000
Ep. 5: 1.11 million
Ep. 6: 980,000

It would seem nothing is going to save this show at this point.

Meanwhile, Total Divas saw its numbers go up to 1.08 million for episode four, up from 995,000 viewers for episode three.

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