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TNA Impact Preview (July 29, 2015): Thank You, Based Jarrett


TNA Impact returns from Orlando on Destination America at 9, now with the sweet lead in of Yeti Ghost Hunters of Alaska (or something like that.)  Let's see what's on tap for tonight.


1)  Jeff Hardy returns

While the story that will be focused will be Matt Hardy picking the stipulation for his upcoming title match with TNA Champ Ethan Carter, the bigger deal will be Jeff Harvey Hardy's return.  Oddly enough, TNA has been more subtle when discussing his return.  The advertisement on their website was about him being at the tapings this weekend, but not this episode itself.  You have to go looking at the videos to figure that he'll be on the episode that airs tonight.  Since Jeff is likely TNA's biggest draw, it's odd that they didn't get wildly in our faces promoting this.

At least we'll get to see Ethan Carter this week.  The show suffered without him.

2)  Jeff Jarrett is inducted into the Hall of Fame.

My understanding is that this will be a be an in ring segment.  They'll probably have to air this as unedited as they can to make up time for the continued heavy editing due to the fact they cannot show Hernandez and therefore cut out all of the Beat Down Clan stories.

Honestly, this is likely going to disrupt the flow of the show if it is just Jarrett taking his deserved Hall of Fame bid and not worked into a story.  If this is a long, drawn out speech by Jarrett, it will kill the momentum of the show.  If it's short and heartfelt, it could play well.

3)  James Storm and Serena vs.  Magnus and Mickie James

This should be the end of the Storm/Mickie/Magnus angle.  Storm left TNA after this round of tapings and those end next week I believe.

A quick refresher on this story:  After Storm could not break Mickie and Magnus apart and instead tried to kill her, Mickie challenged Storm to find a female and face her and Magnus in a mixed tag.

Storm went ahead and found a women familiar with cults, Serena, to be his tag partner.  You may remember Serena was a member of CM Punk's Straight Edge Society many years back.  Hopefully the match will be a good one for the final ending of this disappointing Magnus and Storm feud.

4)  Chris Melendez vs. Eric Young

This all stems from when EY ripped Melendez's prosthetic leg off and then choked Kurt Angle with it.  They've already had one match which EY won.  Now it's time for the rematch.

I feel that TNA doesn't know what they want to do with Chris Melendez because this angle has felt very stop and go.  Perhaps that's just the nature of the tapings.  But from what I've seen of the Sarge, he's a pretty good worker and that's not taking into account he's working with a prosthetic leg.  Plus he's a ready made babyface.  While I'm not saying to push him to the main event, I do think they should be more focused on giving him more consistent time.

5)  Tigre Uno waits for Donald Trump's response

And he's going to wait for a long long time.

Last week, in a pretty cool video package, Tigre talked about his pride in his home town of Tijuana and home country of Mexico.  But at the end, he challenged Trump to meet him in the Impact Zone this week.

It won't happen.  I still wonder if Bobby Lashley will be Trump's surrogate fighter like he was in the WWE.  But this time, it will be without Trump having any involvement.

6  Brooke vs. Marti Bell for the Knockouts Title

With the aid of Gail Kim, Brooke defeated Taryn Terrell for the KOs title.  Now she's going to have to defend it against the entire Doll House one at time.  Tonight, she will be going against Marti Bell.  With the numbers game always in the Doll House's corner, I'm sure Gail will be there to lend a hand.

This will be a good chance to let Brooke be the focal point for a bit.  Unfortunately for her, during the journey to her title win, Gail Kim and Taryn were really the focus.


What it would be nice to see

1)  The Tag Team Champioins

We haven't seen the tag team champions since they won the titles.  At all.  It is possible that they were set to feud with the BDC and because of that, they've been completely edited out.  Man, that whole Hernandez issue has really killed the flow of Impacts and the shows have suffered for it.

2)  Anything about the GFW invasion

It's been weeks since GFW aired a video of Eric Young showing up at a GFW event and bum rushing Jarrett to take the King of the Mountain title.  And TNA has not mentioned it at all.  The announcers haven't discussed it, which is something that could have been added in after the taping.  There's been no video of it at all.  It's just be ignored.

The fact that they haven't even mentioned it does not bode well for the upcoming "invasion angle."


TNA Impact airs tonight on Destination America at 9 EST.  Who's watching?

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