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'Funny or Die' breaks the Hulk Hogan news to 'Bray Wyatt' mid-promo

This is probably the funniest and most poignant reaction to the Hogan scandal yet.

There hasn't been a whole lot to laugh about regarding the Hulk Hogan racism scandal. Mostly, there's just been a lot of cringing and saying, "Aw geez." But hats off to Funny or Die, which apparently has someone on staff who does a dead-on Bray Wyatt impression. The video they came up with is an incredibly poignant satire and probably not too far off from a lot of wrestler (and fan) reactions when they heard about the news.

"I think ONE's too many times!"

Us too, fake Bray Wyatt. Us too.

(h/t With Spandex)

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