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Hulk Hogan missing the point, getting clowned on Twitter

Hulk Hogan's Twitter

Since Friday's bombshell that WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan was booted from WWE due to a leaked tape of him saying racist things - the least of which was "I am a racist" - the 61 year old Hulkster had been handling himself pretty well - or letting his public relations people handle things for him.

That started to change a bit when TMZ reported he was deflecting by pointing the finger at WWE's sorry history of racial bias (which is a real issue,  but doesn't make Vince McMahon or anyone else responsible for his anti-miscegenation pillow talk) and really flew off the rails last night when Hogan got on Twitter.

Very little of his activity was his words. Hogan's statements remain above board and by-the-PR book, including expressing regret and offering prayer. Other than a couple quick thank yous to supporters, Hulk was mostly re-Tweeting last night.

Unfortunately, most of it was people clowning him - mostly by Premier League supporters for whatever reason:

That tweet is not really from Arsenal stars Emmanuel Eboue & Andrey Ashavin. Nor is this one from Everton's Romelu Lukaku:

And I'm pretty sure neither Drake nor The Three Lions' Rio Ferdinand have an account with this screen name:

The worst may be his broadcasting of this message of solidarity from a "Gamergate supporter":

Not only is the account dedicated to Donald Trump's campaign for the U.S. Presidency and the right of men everywhere to objectify and abuse women in their video games, but it also completely misses the point. The President used that term to discuss how he's been treated as a black man in his life, as an example of the way he's been disrespected and dismissed - even as one of the most powerful people in the world. Hogan used it to disrespect and dismiss a whole race of people.

If the goal is to get angry white people on your side by letting footballers have a laugh at your expense...mission accomplished.

Otherwise, put down the Twitter machine, Hulk.

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