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Cageside Live podcast: Special Edition - Hulk Hogan out of WWE for racist remarks

Normally, Cageside Live's are something to get hyped for - even the ones where we're going to talk about wrestling shows we didn't like or booking decisions that drive us crazy.

Not so today, Cagesiders. We took a few days to process the flurry of news from Friday that WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling icon Hulk Hogan was caught on tape several years back calling himself a racist and proving it by using racial slurs while discussing his daughter's career & love life, and Vince McMahon & company's subsequent decision to fire him from his Legends/ambassador contract and immediately stop promoting anything that had to do with one of the biggest figures in their history. And now we're ready to talk about it with you all.

Honestly, we don't have an agenda or a list of topics for the podcast. We'll be discussing the news, its impact and effects on us as a fans as much as on the business as a whole - live - for the best pro wrestling community on the internet. Feel free to ask questions, suggest topics or give us your take in the comments.

Please be respectful and mindful of others' when commenting. This is a painful, sensitive topic, and we want to have a discussion - not an argument. If you think your comment might antagonize another Cagesider, take a minute to think it over before clicking "Post".

Above is the player for the show, which went live at 1PM Eastern.

If you have any problems with the embedded player, watch us on YouTube here.

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