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The REC Awards: July 19 - 25, 2015

After a week of surprising good WWE programming and some unexpected happenings, it is time for the REC Awards.

First and foremost, I've got something to get out of the way. As we're all aware, WWE has terminated Hulk Hogan's contract due to a recent racist tirade. Due to the nature of the situation there, I've made the tricky decision that I am going to be leaving out a bunch of comments related to that. I am very well-aware that many comments in those articles got over 50 recs. However, it's best to keep this thread free of all that to maintain its original stated goal, to celebrate the good things from this community.

I do apologize for this in advance, but I feel that this is the best way to address this.

With that said, onto the RECs!



Why Wrestling Fans Aren't Buying the WWE Network, or, How To Vince Russo Your Way into Losing Easy Money - No Leaf Clover

Retroactive Reconstruction: Royal Rumble 2015 - GrecoRomanGuy

WWE: Playing it safe until it kills us - Brigade17

A Question of Investment - Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar 2.0 - LadyBlack

From Enchantment to Disenchantment in Two Short Nights - LtKubi

The Reason Is You: One fan's response to the rumors that WWE is intentionally sabotaging Kevin Owens - TheLongGoodbye

John Cena vs. Kevin Owens, or why WWE can never be a pure television drama - nymgb44

The Faux Youth Movement - juricbrown

Challenge Accepted, WWE - Sandow's Superior


Comment (link to album)

Ambrose 3:16 2.0 reacts to WWE blacklisting Hulk Hogan. Responses follow


suiko supposes:

LoneStranger asks a question regarding a Big E tweet. Geno Mrosko gives the answer that applies to everything:

Jon Benne reacts to Brooke Hogan's poem:

Anthony Steven Lewis spots a problem with said poem. suiko responds:

amadeuscho quotes:

I.R.Smrt has a great idea. Simark, TheLongGoodbye, and Bennihana react:

Raging Jericholic channels his inner Cesaro:

WVPiratesFan (fellow West Virginian perhaps?) rips WWE's bass-ackward model:

Zach Woosley, KiniskiFan, Dannie Ray, and Dean's Ham Bros react to Eva Marie's in-ring return:

Antho10000, Gringo Sin Pantalones, and TotalScrub react to Hulk Hogan being booted from WWE:

Jon Benne sees a direct consequence of the Hogan situation. darkwolf76 has an idea:

fred.encore reacts to Kevin Owens vs John Cena from Battleground:

Blinkocracy examines the main segment of NXT:

Up next are reactions to the rumor that some WWE people are trying to sabotage Kevin Owens:

suiko reacts to Mark Henry and the Primetime Players getting pulled over:

Jay Sanin imagines the scene:

Vidence reacts to Raw. ominousclaves responds:

shaqustewart93 and Brigade17 discuss New Day:

Iowa Whovian whores Destination America's new Wednesday lineup:

TheGoose01 reacts to a SummerSlam rumor. An interesting thread follows:

Jenzel, StubobNumbers, and Zentrification discuss WWE's war on Ring of Honor:

Christopher Novak, Ozraider, Gradyforpresident, Brigade17, and Fruits discuss Kevin Owens:

Fanfman brings out an old favorite:

suiko challenges WWE logic:

Cain A. Knight and others react to Hulk Hogan joining the Wyatt Family:

suiko shows us the REAL third man. King Henry the 2nd and Dr. Evil's Anonymous Henchman respond:

Sean Rueter responds with a question:

Rivan King challenges suiko, who accepts:

Dr. Evin's Anonymous Henchman has an idea. King Henry the 2nd and TD70 support it:

Magnus Magnolius reacts to an old Bray Wyatt pic. Midnight Deeds goes too far:

SethRollinsChairShot has another candidate. Y2H and bluethree respond:

Jenzel and Brigade17 discuss WWE's war with ROH some more:

Jomosensual posts a great GIF. SomePunkKidd, Brigade17, and Midnight Deeds follow with a conversation:

SelasDray and others react to Vince McMahon personally skipping SmackDown to work on Tough Enough:

suiko confirms a rumor, and then clarifies:

TheGoose01 and El Gato Pollo Loco post obligatory Vince memes:

M. GOMEZ and C-Note86 have a new idea for Rusev:

Zombie Shakespeare has a question. M. GOMEZ makes a correction

RipleyBishop reacts to a recent interview with Amy Schumer:

the satyr icon confirms a match:

Kevin Kostka and HeelTurnHulse tell us what Cena did at two:

SomePunkKidd compliments Cena. the satyr icon and LoneStranger respond:

eddyreyna2 posts a relevant GIF:

riotstorm948 reacts to the latest WWE signing (THIS IS A JOKE PEOPLE!)

I.R. Smrt reacts to SummerSlam's main event:

TotalScrub and Wolfboy007 react to an interview with Cody Rhodes:

suiko does more rec-ception:

TD70 speaks truth:

kmtierney posts a relevant meme in regards to Vince McMahon outing execs:

And finally, former SmackDown head writer alexdgreenfield reacts to the news about Vince:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Tune in for next week's insanity!

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