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WWE on Vince McMahon's televised use of the 'n-word', which reportedly has Hulk Hogan fuming

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With the storm surrounding Hulk Hogan's taped comments raged yesterday, many fans and insiders brought up a segment from 2005 where WWE Chairman Vince McMahon used the same slur in a backstage segment at Survivor Series with John Cena and Booker T.

According to TMZ, Hogan is redirecting his anger from himself for having and expressing the views released on the tape at the center of his lawsuit with Gawker to McMahon and the segment. The site says:

Hulk is outraged Vince is acting so self-righteous, condemning him for spontaneously using the epithet in private when the wrestling boss used it in a premeditated way, on TV and for profit.

Aware of the controversy, and the possibility that it could sabotage their public relations campaign to distance themself from racism by distancing themselves from their former Hall of Famer, WWE issued a statement to TMZ where the state that the Raw skit "was an outlandish and satirical skit involving fictional characters, similar to that of many scripted television shows and movies."

Do you buy the distinction from Vince & company? Does Hogan have a legitimate beef?

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