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Booker T comments on Hogan racism controversy

Booker T on Twitter

A lot of ancillary discussion concerning today's Hulk Hogan news has centered on Booker T.

The former WCW and WWE champion, current WWE announcer and owner of his own Houston-based wrestling school has been around a number of racial controversies in pro graps - including his own accidental use of the "n-word" in a promo directed at Hogan and providing the "punchline" to a skit where Vince McMahon used the slur when addressing John Cena.

For those reasons in addition to the fact that he's one of the most prominent and successful African-American wrestlers in history, his take on a tape with Hulk using the term in a derogatory way and subsequent firing by WWE was going to be of interest.

Here it is, via his Twitter:

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