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John Cena's 'Greatest Story Ever Told' is an emotional tribute to his mother

The champ is here to speak from the heart about a woman who means the world to him.

Entertainment Weekly had John Cena stop by recently to talk about his role in Trainwreck. While he was there, they also asked him to take part in their Greatest Story Ever Told video series. Instead of talking about his favorite WrestleMania moment or any of his personal accomplishments, Cena took the opportunity to talk about his mother and got more than a little choked up while doing so.

Cena's mother's strong, caring presence in her sons' lives probably explains a lot about why the United States champion is so willing to go above and beyond for Make-A-Wish and the multitudes of kids that look up to him.

Remember to tell your moms you love them, everyone. Maybe, like John, we can one day afford to buy them a house for their birthday. Well ... we can all dream, anyway.

You can find the full article that accompanies this video over at Entertainment Weekly.

(h/t With Leather)

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