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Cageside Live podcast: Alex Greenfield interview

Former WWE SmackDown head writer. Film & television writer & producer. Cagesider. Geno Mrosko & Sean Rueter hang out with Alex Greenfield to talk wrestling and whatever else crosses their twisted minds.

Above is the embedded player for the show (if you're having trouble with that version, watch us on YouTube here).

Things we talked with "Mr. Alex" about include:

- Why Cageside Seats is the best damn pro wrestling community on the interwebs!

- Are WWE Creative employees actually wrestling fans?

- Kevin Dunn is the worst

- Greenfield's complicated relationship with Triple H & Stephanie McMahon, and his thoughts on the future of WWE with them in charge

- Tag Match! Eva Marie & Geno vs. Sean & Alex

- Undertaker's heel-ish return

- John Cena: past, present & future

- Opinions on all three former Shield members

- And more!

Sorry we didn't get to more of your questions ahead of time. Next time, we'll promote it more in advance and get the best damn pro wrestling community on the interwebs more involved.

Thanks Greenfield...for the time, and for being a Cagesider!

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