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Meet Eva Marie: Wrestler

Eva Marie, public enemy number one on Total Divas, made her "debut" on tonight's episode of NXT at Full Sail. It was her "debut" in the sense that it featured her first match as the new and improved Eva Marie, chock full of the wisdom imparted on her by Brian Kendrick through weeks of one-on-one training.

The result is the match you see here:

There's a lot of room to grow just yet, of course, but that Eva Marie is already worlds away from the Eva Marie who pulled this bullshit:

Later, she had this to say about it:

If she can further develop her skills in the ring, to the point that she can hang with the likes of Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Paige, and so on, while improving her promos, that's a big money star. You can see why WWE has her earmarked for bigger and better things.

She's got the look and, while it's somewhat awkward, a sort of natural charisma you can't teach. Whether she can effectively translate that to a pro wrestling character on screen remains to be seen but the early results, to my eyes, look promising.

Your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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