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Mick Foley is done watching Tough Enough over Patrick's elimination

Seems like folks were pretty worked up, or at least surprised, when Patrick got the axe on last night's episode of Tough Enough.

The lifelong fan and independent wrestler from Maryland's exit surprised last night's special guest, The Big Show:

But it downright outraged Hall of Famer Mick Foley, who took to his Facebook page to announce that he's done with this season after the elimination. And it's not just a fanboy rage-quit...he's got a pretty good business reason:

With the elimination of Patrick, two weeks after the dismissal of Daria, I'm officially tapping out on ?#?ToughEnough?. In order for a future season to seem relevant, WWE needed a guy who could step into a role on the main roster within a year's time. Sure, there are some promising prospects left - but each one is a long-term project, and a roll of the dice. Patrick was the real deal and now he's gone...along with this particular viewer.

A frequent critique of the latest edition of WWE's 'reality' competition show has been that it's all about game show drama without much pretense being given to actually finding a main roster-caliber talent that we'll eventually see on Raw or SmackDown.

Do you agree with Mick that the hope of seeing one of these men or women on WWE television in the next year or so went away with Patrick?

And do the viability of future seasons depend on that, or is the book closed on those based on the ratings thus far anyway?

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