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Batista is front and center in the new trailer for 'Spectre'

The new James Bond movie will feature plenty of Dave Bautista. He's playing an extremely well-dressed heavy for an evil organization.

You'll have to wait until October to see the 24th movie in the James Bond franchise, but you can watch this trailer over and over a few dozen times until then. Dave Bautista gets his second high-profile acting gig in this one as Mr. Hinx, a devilishly stylish assassin who does dirty work for SPECTRE, the criminal organization that tries to make Bond's life a living hell. SPECTRE is a huge part of the James Bond mythos (especially in the books), but they're appearing in a Bond movie for the first time since 1971. Makes sense that they got the title of the movie, then.

The main villain in this film is played by Cristoph Waltz, but it seems that Batista pops up in this trailer more often. Looks like Big Dave will get at least three action set pieces in the film, judging by the clips here.

Yes, maybe I'm overanalyzing a James Bond trailer for Dave Bautista content. This is probably perfectly normal. I'm sure everyone does this.

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