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TNA Impact Preview (July 22, 2015): RIP BDC

Well this is random
Well this is random
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TNA Impact returns to night with a very packed show.  There appear to be a decent amount of promos already planned (a lot actually) and some matches that new GM Bully Ray put together.  So what's in store?


1)  Bobby Roode vs. Matt Hardy in a #1 Contender's Table match

Going by the Impact Top 5 standings (yes, those still do exist), the top two men in line for a shot at Ethan Carter's TNA Championship go head to head tonight.  Bobby Roode matches are always entertaining, so this should be fun, even despite the fact that Matt can't move around like he used to.

If I were to guess who wins this, I'd guess Matt.  He has already made himself known that he wants a shot at Carter's title while Roode has not had any interactions with Carter.  Plus, Bobby Roode is better served as a bigger feud for EC3 down the line.  The first feud of a new champion is usually one that is more of a throw away.  I also have a feeling Bobby Roode will be playing a big role in whatever GFW/TNA plans are coming up.

2)  Rockstar Spud vs. Eric Young in a chain match

Well this is random, ain't it?  These men have no history and there's nothing behind this match at all.  If I were to venture a guess, I think this would stem from Bully Ray giving Spud that pep talk last week about how he needs to step up and prove how good he really is.

This will probably consist much of Spud getting his arse kicked and probably end with Eric Young losing due to interference from Chris Melendez.

Note:  This isn't a Russian Chain match so it's not a hit four corners deal.  It's pinfall or submission.

3)  Bram vs. Magnus in a street fight

This is likely the match I'm looking forward to the most.  The feud these two men had earlier this year was probably the best work of both men in their time with TNA.  The feud, which started when Bram attacked Magnus with a cue ball because Magnus's family had weakened him, was a passionate one with good chemistry.  It'll be a nice reprieve from all this James Storm/Mickie James/Revolution nonsense.

Speaking of...

4)  James Storm announces the new member of his Revolution

I'm betting this is the reveal of the woman who will join Storm in the mixed tag match against Mickie James and Magnus.  I can't imagine they're adding another guy to the Revolution since they have enough dudes in the Revolution doing nothing.

Saddest thing of all?  The Revolution has outlasted the Beat Down Clan.  Let that sink for a bit.

5)  Tigre Talks Trump

Two weeks ago, TNA decided to jump on the Donald Trump current address train by announcing TNA X Division Champion Tigre Uno is calling him out regarding his comments on Mexican immigrants.  Luckily for them, the news is still a fairly hot topic two weeks later, a risk they took waiting weeks to air a current events angle after announcing it.  I don't know how this is going to be done but I'd guess with a backstage sit down interview.  It could be a one off, but maybe it will involve Bobby Lashley since Tigre Uno did mention him in one of his tweets.

I'm surprised that TNA doesn't have Chris Melendez lined up to also speak his mind on Trump after Trump's comments that John McCain "isn't a war hero."  By the time Trump is done, I'm sure TNA could have a whole line of guys and gals with some type of beef with the Donald.

6)  The Doll House demand Gail Kim meets them in Six Sides of Steel

Last week, distraction from Gail Kim lead to Taryn Tarrell losing her Knockouts Title to Brooke.  I still find that booking move odd, thinking Taryn should have been the champion until Gail beat her.  However the feud must goes on.  Calling Gail into the steel cage where she broke Gail Kim's hand it is a nice touch, and I hope they will eventually have one of the matches close to the caliber of their series a couple years ago.  However, I can't help but feel Taryn already suffering big title loss has really taken the wind out of the sails of this feud.

7)  Dixie Carter announces the 2015 Hall of Famer inductee

It's Jeff Jarrett

8)  Why, Eli, Why?

Last week, former Drew Galloway buddy and member of the Rising turned on Drew and cracked a crutch of his back during the Scot's title match against Ethan Carter.  While I've bemoaned that this betrayal doesn't mean much because they've never built up Drew's Rising partners, I'm still hopeful that this will be a good feud.  I've never actually seen Eli Drake work so that's an unknown for me, but I'm often optimistic for the start of new feuds.

Hopefully we'll get Drew's response during the promo tonight too.  They shouldn't wait too long building this feud.


Normally I'd list what I'd like to see, but I think all of what they've already got planned is enough.  Sure I'd like to see the BDC or MVP, but that's not happening any more since the Hernandez situation and MVP's departure.  MVP and the BDC were often the best part of the shows they were on.  TNA is going to miss having them around.

Hopefully EC3 will have a presence tonight because he's the champ.

And speaking of the champ, he still has the Feast or Fired tag team championship briefcase, right?  Not that I think he'll use it any time soon... or ever.

As for the current tag champs, they've been off TV since winning the belts from the Heels, so hopefully we see them in some capacity soon.


TNA Impact airs tonight at 9/8 central on Destination America.  Who's watching?

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