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The Wyatt Family is back together, The New Day is undaunted (and the best thing) in WWE Battleground Fallout videos

WWE Network might not have had a post-event special last night, but that doesn't mean the Battleground action stopped when The Undertaker rolled his eyes back into his head and called down the lightning in Saint Louis.

Check out this playlist of Fallout videos from and YouTube for more reactions to the night's action and some of the competitors have planned next:

  • Couch critics' pain is the salve for what ails the victorious King Barrett.

  • Titus O'Neil & Darren Young ignore the dirt sheets en route to celebrating their win over The New Day with a delicious Ocean Cocktail.

  • Proving he's learned nothing from the last three months (not to mention ten years), John Cena won't stop giving Kevin Owens veteran advice.

  • VETERAN ADVICE FOR CENA: Watch Brock Lesnar sell Taker's offense after the main event.

  • Team Paige pinky swears to continue the revolution after Charlotte's big win, and adds a member.

  • We all better RUN. The Family's back.

  • Big E tells that pottymouth "MoJo" to stop with the negativity, because The New Day positivity train is rolling right past their loss to tag champs Prime Time Players.


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