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CM Punk's UFC debut could come in early 2016

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

That's what UFC President Dana White thinks anyway.

When TMZ caught up with the busy fight promoter recently they asked how CM Punk's training is coming along and when we can expect to see him inside the Octagon for the first time. His response:

"His training is... first of all, let me start by saying this: the respect this guy has earned from his team, his coaches; he's a dog man. He actually just moved to Milwaukee so he could be closer to training. He's committed to this thing. The guy is an absolute stud and a joy to work with. He's looking phenomenal. His deal is he can call me when he's ready to fight and it's on, man. I'm thinking early next year."

Punk will be 37-years-old by that time but he will have had over a year to prepare from the day he was signed to the UFC to the time he walks through the cage doors to finally throw hands. Or submissions. Or whatever he'll do.

Tick tock.

Here's the full interview:

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