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The REC Awards: July 12 - 18, 2015

The Revolution Begins
The Revolution Begins

Well, well, well, it's Sunday, and it's a pay-per-view (PPV) Sunday at that. Before we take in tonight's Battleground (and hopefully avoid a repeat of the last two Battleground shows), let us enjoy some REC Awards



WWE Contracts: Taking Care of the Seagulls - doktor_zed

WWE Movie Review: I watch '12 Rounds 2: Reloaded' so you don’t have to! - ThingsandStuff

The Wednesday Night War just got a new challenger...and it's a plucky underdog! - BryanDanielson'sBeard

The Trouble With Cody Rhodes, Or, Why It's Really Terrible Being a Wrestling Fan Sometimes - No Leaf Clover

Shifting The Spotlight: Jushin Thunder Liger -- A Crash Course For The Uninitiated - J.K. McMillen


Comments (link to album)

First, Sandow's Superior starts a conga line of puns

SelasDray introduces Pimp Daddy Rusev. Responses follow

Flashking has a thought about Alberto El Patron no-showing an event. Puns follow

ThePollux8 and Punk is Dead react to a huge call-up to Raw

TheGoose01 reacts to a TNA rumor. Brigade17 makes a Pokemon reference, and insanity follows

Raging Jericholic and others drool over more Cesaro vs Rusev


Uncle Lake breaks down Team BAD:

South of Heaven has a question, and The Notorious Eddie Mac responds:

kdotj24 responds to Finn Balor's secret to great abs:

Mr. B squared asks and answers his own question:

b120d13 makes a prediction for Battleground:

suiko make a statement. kmtierney responds:

Leia Blaze responds to John Cena's promo toward Lebron James:

Angrif77 and ChrisVannini respond to Eden's blog post regarding Cody Rhodes:

suiko sos. Sean Rueter responds and is subsequently fired:

LoneStranger has a name for a team of NXT call-ups:

RipleyBishop responds to the wannabe smarks:

Rex Ivanovic reacts to the Jushin Liger announcement:

420_Glaze_It has a hope:

MikeThePatsFan, ThePollux8, nymgb44, and Yourroleandyou react to Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte debuting on Raw:

luscion reacts to something from those debuts:

KR421 speaks truth:

TheDannyBaxter posts a great GIF:

Splot brings back memories:

Midnight Deeds posts win. Gradyforpresident and The Amazing A-hole respond:

ThingsandStuff does some editing:

The so-called Beautiful shows us a thing:

Midnight Deeds presents the eternal opponents for the Powerpuff Girls:

baymaac, Bill P, Sandow's Superior, and TheIcon discuss CM Punk: posts a warning:

Tonya Rodgers reacts to Raw:

Midnight Deeds shows the revolution. Tonya Rodgers notices something:

kmtierney posts William Regal:

Kyle Decker and The Kobold discuss John Morrison/Mundo:

TD70 reacts to a rumor. Sandow's Superior elaborates:

Raging Jericholic reacts to the NXT debuts:

signor goes one step further:

Christopher Novak reacts to a rumor:

mrsocko has a question. Zentrification and MonarchMKU respond:

Flashking reacts to a rumor. ominousclaves answers:

D3ath_Knell addresses a Stephanie McMahon rumor. kmtierney responds:

suiko and TheGoose01 react to a Lana rumor:

Raging Jericholic has an idea. TotalScrub and ShanShockwave respond:

Lordban speaks some sad truth:

Cerrone's sombrero reacts to a rumor. Sandow's Superior and JimmyV723 have an idea:

mrsocko, Lordban, and TotalScrub react to a rumor:

King Henry the 2nd laments:

RoddyB and Raging Jericholic react to a rumor:

Bill DiFilippo has a demand. treybeez responds:

South of Heaven reacts to an injury:

nick_flip reacts to WWE's Top 10 matches (so far):

And finally, Dean's Ham Bros makes a very valid complaint:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Enjoy Battleground, and tune in next week for more REC stuff!

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