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WWE Battleground 2015 match card preview: Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt


Leati Joseph "Joe" Anoa'I, aka Roman Reigns. 6'3", 265 pounds from Pensacola, Florida, now residing in Tampa. Former WWE Tag Team Champion. No relation to Luther Reigns, but related to The Rock. And The Wild Samoans. And Rikishi. One-time Canadian Football League player before deciding to go into the family business. One-third of the group formerly known as The Shield. Looked really, really strong in that one match. You know the one.

Eliminated 12 people in a Royal Rumble match once and didn't win. Eliminated five and a half people in a Royal Rumble match once and did win, but was booed out of the building.  2014 WWE Superstar of the Year despite missing three months due to sports hernia. Survived a trip to Suplex City, Bitch, yet lost to a curbstomp. Once the future face of WWE.

Windham Lawrence Rotunda, aka Bray Wyatt. 6'3", 285 pounds from Brooksville, Florida. No relation to poet Sir Thomas Wyatt, but related to IRS. And Blackjack Mulligan. And Bo Dallas. Former college football player. Dropped out of college to go into the family business. May or may not have been known as NXT Season 2 contest and Nexus member Husky Harris in a past life. Used to travel with a chair, a guy wearing a dirty shirt, and a guy that wore a sheep mask. Often speaks in code. Does this weird crab walk. Did not survive the buzzsaw known as John Cena. Once the new face of fear, but then The Undertaker beat him.


For da children. For da children, right?


Um.... Um.... Um..... yeah, I got nothing.


Though their history goes back quite some time, for the purposes of this preview, we'll pick up the story at Money in the Bank. Roman Reigns was on his way to winning the guaranteed world title shot we all assumed he was getting when THIS HAPPENED...

Sheamus goes on to win Money in the Bank, but that's not really important here. What is important is that Bray Wyatt ripped Roman Reigns' "push" from his hands. The ink barely dried on the moment when the match was made for Battleground. But why did Bray do it?

Ok, that's... that's a bit creepy. Now we're bringing the kid into it.

But seriously though, why are they fighting?

Umm... can someone give me some answers here?

Ok, yeah... that's... yeah. I think I'm weirded out now. Thanks Bray.

And I still don't know why these two are fighting. But I'm thinking each man costing the other a guaranteed WWE Championship match is reason enough to go to war. But what do I know?


Gotta make Roman Reigns look really, really strong, you know.


Both men are in desperate need of a win of major significance. But don't be surprised if neither of them get it and this feud extends to Summerslam. However, I think they both move on after this. Roman Reigns wins for the children.

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