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WWE Battleground 2015 match card preview: John Cena vs. Kevin Owens

This Sunday (July, 19 2015) is the rubber match between Cena and Owens. This time around it's for the United States Title! So who has the advantage? Let's take a look...


John Cena (U.S. Champion) - 6'1"/251 lbs.


Kevin Owens - 6'0"/266 lbs.


Both men have one win against each other and we were at a point where the feud could have simply stopped. Kevin Owens had his own NXT title and originally had no interest in Cena's U.S. title. On Raw (June 22, 2015) he realized how much it meant to the champ, and Owens decided he should take it away.

The following week on Raw (June 29, 2015), Cena's "Open Challenge" saw Owens come out with intent on taking the title before Battleground. Instead, he changed his mind, and introduced Cesaro to take on Cena! In an amazing match Cesaro nearly defeated the champ before Owens jumped in causing a DQ finish. He then let everyone know "if anybody is going to take the United States title away from John Cena, it's going to be me".

On the July 6 edition of Raw, Cena's "Open Challenge" found Owens come out yet again to have a match, but this time Cesaro took matters in to his own hands by personally kicking KO out of the ring. As you can imagine these two had a fantastic back and forth match that eventually led to the champ getting the 1-2-3. Owens went for the sneak attack, but Cena was able to overcome and stand tall at the end of the night.

One week out from Battleground, Owens, Cesaro, and Rusev found themselves in a three-way match to decide who would get Cena that night. Midway through Owens had enough and simply left the match. A battered Rusev was able to pull out a grueling win.

Unfortunately for him, the next match was to take place minutes later, with a fresh Cena waiting in the wings. As you can imagine Cena was able to dominate most of the match until he was locked in Rusev's finisher, the Accolade. Fearing Cena would tap, Owens ran out, yet again, to end the match early. Owens stood over both Rusev and Cena letting both men know "its my title!"


To be honest, this match really doesn't need to be hyped. It's been the best story on WWE TV and it's a foregone conclusion this match will be awesome. The big difference between this match and their previous ones is that the U.S. title is up for grabs.

Where and When?

On the WWE Network/PPV this Sunday (July 19, 2015) in St. Louis, Missouri. Look for these two to be all over the place, pulling out big moves that you probably have never seen before. I wouldn't be surprised if more action takes place on the outside as that area haven't been utilized quite as much in the past. We could possibly see Cesaro and/or Rusev play a part in this one, as well.


Cena has done an unbelievably good job with this title, and I'm not sure he can do anything else with it. Sunday is the perfect time for Owens to take over which allows Cena to jump back to the main event scene. Owens is at his breaking point and will probably pull off maneuvers that even Cena won't be able to kick out of...maybe.

From Rusev, to Cena, to Owens, the U.S. Title will continue to be in good hands.

Pick: Kevin Owens

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