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Report: Kurt Angle rushed to hospital due to complications from recent tumor surgery

Dixie Carter had announced via Twitter late last night that TNA star Kurt Angle was having a follow-up operation, after the procedure he underwent last week to remove a benign tumor from his oft-injured neck.

Now, we're getting more details about this latest surgery. says the Olympic gold medalist was rushed to the hospital by his wife when he experience trouble breathing and lost sensation in his arms & legs. The symptoms were determined to be caused by a build-up of fluid in his spinal cord, a complication from last week's surgery. Doctors immediately did the latest operation to relieve the pressure caused by the fluid, as it was causing a life-threatening condition.

Kurt's management team is reporting that the procedure went well, but he will miss a scheduled signing in the United Kingdom. He had been announced for next week's Impact Wrestling tapings, presumably in a non-wrestling capacity. There's no word at this time if he will still be a part of those shows.

I am by no means a doctor or medical professional, and as such can't say with any certainty that Angle's quick return to promotional work at a minor league baseball park and the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in the days following the tumor surgery contributed in any way to these complications.

But for a guy with his injury and medical history, it would seem wise to slow down, refrain from travel and let his body tell him and his medical team what he should and shouldn't be doing before proceeding.

More as we have it, Cagesiders. And, for what feels like the millionth time, take care of yourself, Mr. Angle.

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