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Magnus would like to go to NXT, Lucha Underground

Now that Magnus is free of the old TNA ball and chain, he's enjoying life as a free agent. And while he may already be working for Jeff Jarrett at Global Force Wrestling, that doesn't mean he's shut the door on other opportunities, including both NXT and Lucha Underground.

As he told Wrestling Inc:

"I don't know (if NXT is an option for me). Currently, I guess not. I'd like to. I think they're doing some of the best job anywhere in wrestling. I think they've done a great job in creating their own version of an alternative brand. You can't fault them, they are the business. The rest of us are fighting over the remains of the pie. I'm okay with that. I'm looking forward to any and all opportunities that come along.

"I've said openly how big of a fan I am of Lucha Underground. I haven't had serious conversations with them, but I've certainly made them aware that's absolutely something I'd love to get involved with. I think that I could surprise a lot of people if I went somewhere like that and did something completely new. I've got a lot more range than people realize. I tend to try to work smart. When it means something and the time is right, I'll do the crazy stuff and do things they don't associate with a 6'4 'body guy.'"

He goes on to say that a big reason why he avoided WWE was because he knew he wasn't any good and he wanted to take the time to get better before making the jump. The question now is whether or not they'll have him.

With so much of NXT's top talent getting called up to the main roster recently, there's certainly room for a name hardcore fans would recognize. Why not?

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