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Tough Enough Aftermath: Crown Jewel of the WWE

Let's check out what happened after the show ended. Week four reactions, videos, and a Daniel Bryan appearance!

WWE Tough Enough

Another week down, another competitor gone. If you missed last night's show, Kyle has got you covered with a full show recap, so go check that out. Before we get to the contestants, a few reactions to what happened once this week's show ended.

  • Miz - He's still great, but on last night's Tough Talk, he let conversations linger on way too long. Twice the judges had to say "can we move on?" and they were right. Nobody wants to hear about Amanda teaching Gabi how to pose or Josh, Patrick and Mada trading cheap shots for too long.
  • Yelling - This was a complaint during last week's show, but it still continues on. It's one thing to argue and be entertaining, but just yelling over each other, than having Paige doing it too is just annoying and makes me want to stop watching
  • Hogan - He's getting better! Just giving old-school advice is exactly what he should be doing on this show.

Here's the full episode of Tough Talk.


Let's take a look at how each contestant did in week four.

  • I'll be honest, not sure what Amanda will do now that Gabi is gone. That's pretty much all she had going for her to get some TV time. Will be interesting to see where she goes from here.
  • It may have been nerves, but I'm not a fan of Chelsea. She has skills in the ring, but her personality is kind of grating. Miz asked her a simple question: "why didn't you make the final 13?" and her response in a snarky tone: "well, I made the final 14". On Tough Enough, soon after she got to the barracks, Chelsea poured herself up a cool tall glass of vodka. Not judging, just observing here.
  • Gabi still doesn't get the wrestling business at all, and that was clearly shown this week. Not only did she not understand cutting a promo is a crucial part of wrestling, but she was "glad" to leave. What?! No, no more speaking, just go.
  • Oh my, Giorgia, talk about stock trending up! She went from painfully nice girl in the background, to front-runner among the women. She is getting much more comfortable on the mic, and is killing it in the challenges still.
  • Not going to lie, the more I see of Josh, the less I like. Between shoving both Tanner and Patrick and then tossing water in Patrick's face, I'm just not a fan. If anything, it shows he could have problems in the locker room, conduct yourself a little more professionally "Yeti".
  • A point of debate for Kyle and myself is Mada. Kyle has shown support for the big guy, but I just don't see it. If this was the 1980's, his size and Pharaoh gimmick could work damn well. In today's environment, it comes off a bit corny. I could see him in wrestling down the road, but not winning this show.
  • If there is one thing to watch this week, it's Patrick cutting a fantastic impromptu promo on Mada. Go to the video above and start at the 15:00 mark to get a little background. To his credit, Mada did a nice promo, but Patrick slapped him down, calling himself "the crown jewel of the WWE". It was believable, he switched out of his "smart mark" gimmick -- which Hogan requested minutes earlier -- and got the loudest ovation of the night from the crowd.
  • Sara barely got any interview time, and it's just a matter of time before she goes home. She's a sweetie, but doesn't match up to the physicality of Amanda or Giorgia, the in-ring skills of Chelsea, nor can she cut a promo. The only reason she's still here is because of how the voting is done. I'd like to see the judges pick the bottom three, fans vote out one person, then the judges decide between the remaining two who leaves the show. That way fans are involved, but aren't keeping around someone who should probably be gone.
  • Tanner has faltered with the non-physical challenges and his cockiness is slowly disappearing. It's no secret WWE loves big guys, so he needs to step it up in the personality department or he could be the next to go.
  • Well, I guess ZZ is going to be in it for the long haul. He received the biggest pop on this past week's Raw, and during Tough Talk. Fans love the guy, and unlike Sara, he is passable on the mic and in the ring. I don't see him winning the show, but he's almost guaranteed going to get a developmental contract when this is over. Also, I don't get the Dusty Rhodes comparisons that were brought up by Hogan. Is he the everyday man? Yeah, I can see that, but on the mic? No, not even close.


Here are a few reactions from Corey Graves. Also, Daniel Bryan's thoughts on this week's show, and trying to cover for saying "Battlefield" instead of Battleground.

In reference to Gabi's reaction just after she was eliminated from the show.


That's it for me, Cagesiders, who did you like? Who should go next? Sound off in the comments!

All Videos and Photos via WWE Tough Enough

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